Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Venkatesh R



Venkatesh R


Being Zoya

Being Zoya

2 mins

As Zoya was playing with her brother, her mother was preparing supper.

The television was narrating, the curtained world as the sun was shining, at its best.

It was a routine day at home.

Suddenly, there was a screaming sound all around.

There was an element of disturbance and panic in the air.

The mother came running out of the kitchen towards Zoya.

The lightning occurred within the house.

Everything got blurred as the sulfur spread as a mist.

The ruins were around her family photo was broken into pieces got scattered.

She was too young to understand what was going.

The smell of raw human flesh was new to her.

The smell of sulfur was new to her.

The cloud of shelling was new to her on a hay day.

The drench in drops of blood was new to her.

The entire dwelling stood devastated.

She couldn’t find her family.

There was no sign of her brother or mother in those ruins.

A hand grasped her and pulled her out of the debris.

As she rested her head on the shoulder, she viewed the scene.

Many moms were crying in front of the ruins.

Teddy bears were lying across the border fence.

The flights were traversing around the zone.

There were walky-talkies and chaos.

Some of them were trying to help others.

Some tried to recollect what just happened.

Zoya got the treatment. She remained captivated by the pain killer.

With her blinking ears and seduced mind, she witnessed the pain of others.

Zoya grew up with time, and she lived with friends of her kind.

She waits for her brother and mother, with a torn photograph.

The explosive shelling implies a piece of authentic music for her.

Blood, skin, and bones are part of the ecosystem for her.

She witnesses a world where

Some are alive with memories of lost souls.

Some live by being handicapped but with a hope of belonging.

Some live with mental disturbance where the lost shares life with them.

Some live as a beggar, and others live as a pirate by abducting the weak.

She lives matured to survive by being the fittest,

Unlike the other kids who stand still in search of essential needs.

She does her schooling,

With a question of why war happens?

With hope, education brings a change in the future.

In a war, whoever conquers humanity loses.

A generation goes into chaos and becomes a victim of poverty and crime.

Life is precious money cannot purchase childhood and souls.

Possessing leadership does not signify transpiring destructive.

Many things get solved with words and patience when humanity has a preference.

Everyone is a winner when love gets shared and

Everyone loses when hatred gets shared.

Spread the love to the next generation and not hatred.

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