Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

The Beach

The Beach

2 mins

The ball hit me on the head

Startled, I glanced up

The heat had lulled me into a catnap

An apologetic young man

Charmingly winked,

'Off duty.'


That crowded haven,

Beach of life.

Bathers yelling in glee

Sprawling on the silky sand

Deck chairs in rows

Thrashing waves

High-pitched laughter

Strains of music from the shacks.

I sat up and watched the beach ball game

Soldiers on a break

Laughing and lunging, 

Lunging and laughing. 

Such joy around everywhere 

A deep, deep peace

Smiling faces, excited voices

People from everywhere,

Remote places of the world. 

Shacks serving multifarious dishes,

Drinks with sensuous names.

All tranquil, all happy

No network needed

No dire news to disturb

The law of the sea here,

Where the sand seduces,

Surf scintillates

And birds set the pace.

Beach life! Where the religion is peace!

Where one bares down to essentials

For no armour is needed.

Where soldiers can relax

And forget the horrors,

The formidable call of duty.

Where a game means fun,

And defeat celebrated with a drink.

I see the young faces,

Joyous, full of life

Soaking in the peaceful life

The slow gait

The fancy spread of delectable dishes

The pure air

And the rhythmic sounds of the waves.

Why only on the beach?

Why doesn't this same peace remain everywhere?

Why can't people leave prejudice, pride, power,

Hatred, conspiracy 

And exist in harmony?

Why do they forget their origins here

And remember only that they're on the beach?

What makes them forget the strife, the animosity 

And recall only the good life?

Maybe the answer is in the sea.

That great, rolling mass of water,

That phenomenon of nature

Rendering man powerless,

A minuscule creature 

Who cannot even gauge its sheer depth,

The vastness of life it contains

The magical harmony with which it continues its journey through eternity. 

Maybe it makes man realize his petty problems 

And gives him a sense of wisdom,

Of the greatness of creation and the universe,

And reminds him of his real place in the scheme of life. 

Maybe, at least momentarily, 

He focuses on enjoying 

What he's got.

Maybe, if life was all beach..


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