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Namrata Aryya



Namrata Aryya


Rush Hour

Rush Hour

2 mins

It starts with the snooze of the alarm,

Shut eyes opened as I stretch my arm,

A minute I wish to sleep some more,

Realise an hour has passed and the maid is at the door.

I am much delayed and chores overhaul,

Husband needs tea with his morning call,

Son has school and is not ready yet,

I rush him for bath without losing sweat.

Lunches need to be packed for all three of us,

I realise son needs to rush for his school bus,

I quickly placed his tiffin and books inside his bag,

While he finished his breakfast after his father's nag.

Son's off to school and I tidy all the bed,

I sip my tea now with some toasted bread,

Hubby rushes to bath smirking with advert,

As obvious it could get I had to press his shirt.

With no time at hand, I scroll through my clothes,

"Nothing to wear I gasp" only added up to my morning woes,

Husband ready and at the door, calling out my name,

"As always we are late" is what I hear him exclaim.

I put my slippers on, hurry with make up undone,

Tie up my hair in a jiffy to a clumsy bun,

Locked the door alright and now we finally tread,

To the menacing traffic that awaits us ahead.

After an hour of drive husband drops me at work,

I get down passing a hurried smile, while he smirks,

With honking cars behind, off his car he sped,

And then I walk the office stairs to accomplish the day ahead.

Wishing everyone around my bay I finally log onto work,

"What did I miss?" a thought in my mind continued to lurk,

I jerked off my seat finally remembering and closed all my docs,

While chasing the morning I didn't turn off the iron box.

With wild thoughts in my mind of house burning down,

I quickly booked a cab and returned to my home uptown,

When I reached I turned off the iron and rechecked to apprehend,

Nothing to add to the morning madness, hoping now was at end.

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