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Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

A Soul's Suicide

A Soul's Suicide

2 mins

There was a wandering soul.

Who was looking at the earth,

Wondering around it to find

Which life like it like to possess.

Then the soul looked at a lady

And was charmed by her.

So the soul wandered around her,

To find out is it worth to be like her

The soul found out about this lady

That she is innocent but yet clever,

Extremely shy but yet very bold,

Generous yet very opportunist,

Happy but yet has sadness in her.

So the soul finally made up its mind

And went to the lords to ask

The soul humbly requested to the lords

"Master the creator of all,

I have a humble request to ask."

The lords asked what are the request

Of the soul and it humbly replied

"I would like to meet a lady

In the world of the living called earth."

The lords smiled, looked at the soul

And responded to the souls quest,

To gain in the world of the living

One must sever all the ties and memories

That made it as a soul in world of it own

The soul thought for a while

But since the soul was so fixed,

That he agreed the lord's deal

So the soul made its preparation.

The lord said that once the ceremony

Is done with time and effort.

The soul will be transferred into a body

And will be waiting until the process

Of birth has taken its place

Alas the soul is now born as a baby.

But now since all his memory and bonds

Are severed he now forgot his purpose.

Why did he came in the world of the living?

And now how destiny ridicules at him

Though he brought the same lady several times,

He could not recognize the lady at all.

But the lord and destiny thought about

What a foolish request this soul has made.

If perhaps the soul could have waited for her,

The lady will eventually pass away.

And that lady's soul would come back

From another break of life of living

Then both of them would have all eternity

To understand each other in more comforts

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