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Love is forever, every mother in this entire universe has been proving that since day one.

On one of your days when you have felt sad enough to drown yourself, she held you and caressed you with all the love she had.

When you did not answer your Phone, just because you were chilling, she felt as if someone was crushing her world.

I always wanted to love someone just as my mother love : pure and beautiful.

But I remembered I am not strong enough.

You always talk about being sad and killing yourself, but love,your maa cannot even imagine about your death...That probably means a part of her will be gone.

And.. if you are gone, she cannot ever live as a whole.

You see that's the beauty of Maa.

She is beautifully aligned arrangement of broken pieces yet she tries to love someone completely.

Don't tell me that no one cares, because if your maa sees your scars she will probably scold you in that moment

But during night, she's gonna break.

She's gonna curse herself for letting you be alone and taking this step.

There are times when she breaks down and all of her will is diminishing..

On days like this, all you have to do is tell her that you love her, because these three words will be the only form of literature she wants to hear.

On days like this tell her, that you are gonna make her proud.

Because, one day she won't be with us but within deep fresh earth..

And you'll miss her to infinity.

You will regret of not expressing your love..

So tell her "I love you maa. Really.

Because somethings are meant to be forever."

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