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Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Silhouette In The Dark

Silhouette In The Dark

2 mins

Your smile shines like the brightest star,

I wish I could know where you are.

You keep coming in my dreams,

And there you take me away.

You had come then, it seems,

To simply make my day.


Is it your radiance that lights the evening sky?

The only company, in the loneliness of My.

I lift my gaze up – heavenwards,

To that twinkling star, so bright.

I can’t help ponder afterwards,

You were hope, that beacon of light.


And I still hear your silenced laughter,

I understand your every echoing voice.

I feel your presence here, even after,

The crowds, the colour and the noise.


I can still feel that gentle touch,

And I still see your dried tears.

I wish you hadn’t told me all, such

As your constant persistent fears.


I can still smell that sweet scent,

And fell the warmth of your skin.

New meanings to everything; you lent,

And so simply – you and I were akin.


I cherish those times together,

Two birds of the same feather.

You were an Angel then; and surely one now,

If only; grant me a wish – somehow.

And you surely know what it will be,

Please go ahead, and wish it for me.


You keep me awake on the sleepless nights,

I see you there; on the same sites.

I will cling on to your every memory,

Even those few that are so sublime;

Stone carved chapters in my history,

Withstanding trials, and the sands of time.


You are the invocation in my prayer,

On my face, the rolling tear you are.

How can I show now how much I care,

For now you are gone so so far.


By the light of your smile,

It shall be there all the while,

And when I seek it, I shall find….

A silhouette….

In the darkness of my mind……….

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