Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Solitary Heart!

Solitary Heart!

2 mins

I smote on the door

Hoping my friend will be welcoming me with joviality and comfort

But none responded to my appeal

I felt utterly nonplussed with nothing to avail

My friend promised me

When I will visit to his house

He will treat me with heartiest and grand company.

I traveled a lot

He is my bosom friend and we shared a unique chord

My memory sparked in applause and cordiality

My childhood being spent with his entire family with sheer joviality

We do have an apparent difference in religious beliefs

But never I felt we at all have any gulf in harmony with an affection which is a true relieve!

I felt his parents as equal to mine

Where children are their true solace and treated as divine

But I forgot the social turmoil and upheaval

Where numerous buds being nipped without any rational trail

Thus heaven on Earth

Is now facing huge dearth

Lovely soothing environmental fabric

Being vitiated by few eccentrics acrimonious intrigue

Enormous bloodshed has turned their unique valley into a valley death

My beloved never emerged to greet me with cordiality in haste!

Now my mind is engulfed with inexplicable fear

I from the core of my heart feeling that I am missing perpetually my dear

I never believed in ghost

But an uncanny feeling engulfing me with boast

I am now in agog to quit

An amazing boon of nature with its alluring valley

Forcing me to flee hastily

I wonder who is responsible for such harrowing jest

Taking out my nerves, keeping me in utter distressed!

I could evidently comprehend

I will never able to reconcile with my beloved friend

But I cannot envisage who are those external force

Forcing me for choice of disintegration with acerbic course

Vitiating our existing social fabric

Reprehensible and hostile by all possible trick

Not allowing us to consolidate and rest

Friends are now becoming enemy by their pernicious fest!

They are only focused to arrange a design

Where their culpable and unrestrained greed only aiming to malign

Their brazen appetite is sheer nudity

Where majority are starving for their crudity!

My dear friend never emerged

As doors of them are perpetually sealed

I never believed in ghost

But being past, I have to accept that he is in oblivion and no longer existing in due episode

Driving to pay tribute

In the present his missing is most painful to me of highest attribute

I am utterly disheartened for his abrupt disappearance

I left the unique landscape with displeasure and abhorrence

I cannot make any impact and effect that I kept my promise

I tried to meet him for my solace which is absent in heart rending grimace

With my flawed premise!

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