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George Santhosh

Drama Abstract


George Santhosh

Drama Abstract

A Mute’s Tale

A Mute’s Tale

4 mins

I woke up to my little brother tugging my tail,

It was a beautiful day in my green fairytale.

Mom hugged me and gave me a pear,

And then came the other chimps with bananas to share.

We were to ride the elephants to our school by the lake,

But Mr. Jumbo was late, maybe there was a mistake?

Searching for them we swung through the trees,

Till we found them and something which made us freeze.

Mr. Jumbo laid still, his tusks missing, his skin now pale,

His daughter beside him, all I could hear was her wail.

My mom took me aside and carried me back,

I didn’t know what had happened, all I felt was my heart crack.

And then it happened! In the distance, the first tree fell,

The rest was something I wish I never had to tell.

The antelopes ran and the birds took to the sky,

A huge metal beast emerged, though we don’t know why.

One by one, the greens fell to the beast,

It’s hunger everlasting, forever it did feast.

Its family came soon, and fear filled the air,

My mom carried me away, must be a nightmare.

Then I saw our King emerging from his den,

Roaring, he charged toward them.

As we ran away, a single striking sound is all I heard,

It was a gunshot, a deadly sound without a word.

No more roar, no more hope, all we did was run,

We ran away from the beast; all the animals were one.

Birds fled with chicks still in their nest,

The hibernating bear ran, disturbed from her rest.

We reached the river, black as ash it had become,

The beast had poisoned it, where my finned friends swam.

The day lasted forever with the beast roaring loud,

All the animals on the other side of the forest in a crowd.

Finally, it stopped, maybe the beast had slept,

All I remember is how my family wept.

Back to our tree, we walked slowly back,

Bu we couldn’t find it, it was destroyed in the attack.

As I was walking the fields of the home we loved,

Upon me came a net, it came from above.

Panic filled the air, as fear breathed once again,

Then emerged the devils, there was five or ten.

They held knives and those dreaded guns,

They were capturing the forest, its daughters and sons,

My mom tried to free me, but hopeless was grey,

She fled as the devils came to take me away.

I was chained and I was beaten, I was marched from my home,

Now all the trees have felled, the animals no longer roam.

In cage after cage, I saw my brethren being held,

Mr. Jumbo’s tusk along with wolf pelts,

Our dead king lay with a shaven mane,

On top of his body, one of the devils stood. Shame!

Bear cubs laid beside me, with muzzles over their mouth tight,

I saw tears in their eyes, the world was not right.

I never saw my mom again, I wish I never woke up that day,

I hope my dad and brother are okay.

I hope the metal beasts never wake up from their sleep,

I wish I can see my brother again when I weep.

Why do they do this? Don’t we have lives of our own?

We breathe the air, drink the water and toil to our bone.

They destroyed our home, and took us to theirs,

We used to feast all day, now we beg for pears.

This is the story about many like me,

We miss our home and our family.

We share our tree and our food with all,

Unlike the devils which live in walls.

You were born as a pure sacred little seed,

But you walked the path of ignorance and greed.

You hunt the innocent and kill for fun,

Countless families, you’ve destroyed with your gun.

The once green earth now turns grey,

The once blue waters, now rot with decay.

One day you will crave for the shade of the trees,

You’ll wish the seas never dried as you wish for its breeze.

What do you dream of? A heart without a beat?

Or a world without trees, a prison of concrete?

One day when we’re gone, the devils will know,

The pain of suffering, “You reap what you sow!”


Today, I woke up in a cage, with my master poking my tail,

Circus season is the worst, thus continues my painful tale

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