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Unlock solutions to your love life challenges, from choosing the right partner to navigating deception and loneliness, with the book "Lust Love & Liberation ". Click here to get your copy!



4 mins

It's sunny, it's hot, the sun is shining too bright.

I want drizzle, I want rain, I want something light.

After all the pain, after all the swears and the fight,

Sometimes I feel, sometimes I believe that you were right.

When pain is the only relief, and life is a dark night;

When sorrow takes over our mind and might;

When laughter is lost and sadness is at its height;

When you must let go even though you want to hold on tight.

There were times when I had played host;

Trips, outings, holidays we had enjoyed the most;

Candlelight, red wine and a plate of chicken roast,

I knew you loved it; photos on social media you’d post.

Memories of the past haunt me like a ghost;

Memories of the sun-kissed beaches and the coast;

Memories reminding of raising our love’s toast;

Memories about which I once used to boast.

Inside you resides a heart of gold,

From stone to clay it can mold.

With a tag of “It's been sold”.

“I’m always there for you,” you had told.

I remember my fingers entangled in your fingers’ tight hold;

I remember your body’s warmth against mine when I was cold;

I remember your careful expressions when sometimes I got too bold;

I remember my body against yours when your arms around me would fold.

Refraining from anger, crazy when I would get;

Refraining societal barriers that for me were set;

Refraining me from running around in life’s jet;

Refraining me from troubles, loving me yet.

By loving me, you got me in your debt.

Keeping everything aside, there’s one thing I bet –

You won't ever be able to forget how we had met

On a rainy day in that garden, both of us had gotten wet.

There was a time when happily we had cut our wedding cake;

There was a time when your voice was enough to keep me awake;

There was a time when, blindfolding me, far away you would take;

There was a time when you would kiss me and for everyone else was a handshake.

Gone are you and for me it’s a heartache;

Gone are you and a smile I have to fake;

Gone are you and dried is my eyes’ lake;

Gone are you and people say it's for my sake.

It seems that you entered my heart and threw the key;

If it was someone else, he would have to pay the fee.

My heart pained when I saw your injured arm and knee.

You made me understand why in love “I” is replaced by “we”.

Even if you want to, you won't be able to forget me.

Shadows of evenings of us together along the sea

Enjoying the view drinking peach ice tea

Will be cast upon you even if you want to let it be.

Time and again the memory of what for me you got;

Time and again the unnecessary things for which we fought;

Time and again how from behind me you came and caught;

Time and again I remember each of these and many a lot.

‘Due to fights and hatred a relationship will rot.

Every sentence ends with a dot.

When love is less and the talks are hot 

That's the time when we must break the knot.

It makes no sense to sleep on a separate cot

Or to throw away what the other had bought.

Your memories you should then jot,’

That is the biggest lesson to me you have taught.

Times have gone of naughtiness drinking beer,

Times have gone of ignoring the peer,

Times have gone when I spoke and you would hear,

Times have gone of together celebrating new year.

When faith is unwantedly replaced with fear,

When your eyes unconsciously shed a tear,

When life is a lion and you are a deer,

When all you want is your love to be near.

Mornings began with your kiss on my forehead.

I’m your junkie, you had said.

With your hands, me you had fed.

Completely satisfied lives we had led.

Washing dishes together, flour we had knead.

It's hardly been a year since we had wed.

Today I am alone, crying on my bed.

And are all your feelings for me dead?

Clothes, footwear, crockery - everything we would buy.

You appreciated my truthfulness, you knew I didn't lie.

Getting you ready for meetings, helping you with the tie.

You had never doubted me, never asked me “Why”?

You had loved me, I was your apple pie,

You were blind to everyone, there was just I.

But today I am left, where is that guy

Who taught me how to love without giving a sigh?

I won't interfere in your life, I won’t vie.

Today we are strangers, you are not my.

I will love you like always until I die.

But for now, there is just a silent goodbye.

You helped me accomplish my passion when I began,

You encouraged me saying that I could achieve it, I can.

For late hours, you let me work without imposing a ban.

For me you were always available, you were my biggest fan.

The person who wanted me to use the van,

The person who washed the dirty pan,

The person who, for my safety, behind me ran,

I can't find him now, where is that man?

Nights pass and so does the entire day,

I still think of us while on my couch I lay.

Discarding your things, keeping your memories at bay,

This is my life, I now live this way.

What you did for me, I won’t ever be able to repay.

I will get you back, I truly believe I may.

My heart is lit by hope’s ray.

I still love you, that's all I want to say.

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