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Winds Of Change

Winds Of Change

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Summer saw its end,

Dark clouds gathered in the skies for a masquerade,

Monsoon winds of change blew,

Tunes of thunder played in unison,

Lightning strobe as the stage was set,

Droplets took a free fall into space below,

Soil danced in rhapsody as these drops struck like needles.

It’s fragrance steadily spreading

The ground smoked as the nature grinned.

The celebration continued,

As more clouds collided in a frenzy.

Thunder clapping and roaring in a crescendo,

Winds tempestuous as ever,

The droplets struck like kamikazes,

Trees shining green like emerald,

The cicada screeching hymns,

Of a new season.

As the celebration came to a close,

Clouds walked away, in a momentary lapse of energy

Freshness was on a high, everywhere,

Birds chirped and danced in the air,

Fields inundated,

Festivity in every nooks and crannies,

Meticulously the job was done

As the winds of change progressed.

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