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You look exactly like her

You look exactly like her

9 mins

It was her 23rd birthday. Everyone was excited. The home was decorated like a castle. Aadil had made all preparations. Everyone was waiting for her. It was more than a year, they had seen her or talk to her. 

Aadil was continuously checking the decor and the cake. He had specially baked butterscotch cake- her favourite one.

He was waiting for something. When the clock struck 11, he got a call. He immediately left.

He was driving his car to the maximum speed he can. There was a ray of hope, a new zeal in his eyes. His eyes were shining bright, a smile touched his lips, he was humming some song.

After all, he was going to visit his beloved, Samara. He took a birthday card. When he reached there, he wrote something on a paper and asked to keep it on Samara's desk. That guy did the same. He waited outside the door only. He waited for about 1 hour.

 Someone was coming from the other side. He smiled again but his smile fainted seeing doctor's disappointed face.

"Doctor, is there any improvement?"

"She is in a coma, for more than a year. I can't say anything. I am sorry."

"No, doctor. I still have hope. She will be fine. "

Aadil went inside the room.

"You know Samara, why I come here every day and left a note for you, just in hope, you will wake up someday and read them. You know, it's your 23rd birthday today, the day we decided to get engaged. Please wake up na ...It's more than a year now. Those letters are meant for you, not for that carton box. Please wake up and read them, please."

When he was about to leave, he noticed a slight movement in her fingers. He immediately informed the doctors. Everyone was beholding a ray of hope. Even the doctor was amazed to see this. Slowly slowly, she gains little consciousness. Aadil couldn't control his tears and smile. She was looking confused. Aadil wanted her to jump off the bed and hug him. Neither she could, nor he did. Samara looked around herself. She knew she was in the hospital.

She got a glance at the note. She read it. She asked them, " Who is Samara?"

Aadil was shocked till his nerves. Before he could say anything, Samara asked him, "Who are you? Why am I here? These many notes, for whom? What had happened to me ?"

Adil couldn't believe himself. Samara woke up but she couldn't recognize him nor herself.

With a heavy voice, he could only answer, "You look exactly like Samara. That's why somebody has mistaken you with her. "

"Oh..Why am I here ??"

"You had met with a terrible accident, a year ago, since then you are here." 

"What's your name miss?" Doctor asked.

Samara was totally confused because she lost her memory completely. 


"Simer," Aadil replied. 

She simply nodded.

Aadil didn't know why she agreed to him. Samara didn't know how Aadil knew her.

The doctor left them alone.

"Hi, I am Aadil."

"Who are you? How do you know me?"

"I am a friend. I mean I know you both."

"Both ?"

"Yeah. You and Samara."


"Ya. You know what, you look exactly like Samara." 

"Really ??"


The doctor advised keeping Simer under observation for some days. 

He had already informed about her memory loss at home. Everyone was shocked. But, he was happy that Samara got consciousness. He was also hurt. But, he controlled his emotions and never let anyone, especially Simer, knew about his broken heart.

Soon, Aadil befriends Simer.

She really enjoyed his company. Otherwise, it was difficult for her to stay alone in the hospital. 

Although Samara lost her memory, she became Simer, but, her behaviour hasn't changed. She was still talkative. 

Aadil was happy to find some glimpses of Samara in her.

Then, after three days, Simer was to be discharged. She knew only Aadil since she got her consciousness. So, she trusts him only. Aadil told her that her family loved her a lot. She won't feel alone.

She was a bit nervous when she was going to meet her family.

He already told everyone to treat her Simer, not Samara. Even they agreed upon it. 

The day she came home, she was not that happy. The reason was, she could pour her heart out only to Aadil, but at home, it was not possible.

 She was also happy that she finally meet her parents, relatives, cousins. They showed her childhood photos of her with family, friends. Her mother cooks her favourite food, her father took her for shopping, her sister took her for a night stay to one of her friend's home. Everyone in the home tried to make her happy, but she couldn't enjoy it to the fullest. Somewhere, she was missing Aadil. But, she couldn't say it to anybody.

Nobody knew why was she upset. Aadil was busy with his business work. So he couldn't visit her for about two months.

Simer got a good bond with everyone but none was like Aadil's. That day, when Aadil visited them, she was angry with him for not visiting her for such a long time. He couldn't realize why she was reacting that way. In a fit of anger, she didn't come out of her room to meet him. He also felt very bad. When she couldn't control herself, she came out of her room and ran towards him. Everyone was shocked. She tried to change the situation. She hugged her sister, Humaira, who was standing next to Aadil. Everyone asked what happened?

She made an excuse of getting a scholarship for further studies. That's why she was so happy. For one millisecond, their hearts beat in sync. Aadil wants to jump with joy when he saw her running towards him. But, his joy didn't last long. 

Simer herself doesn't know why she ran towards him. When he was distributing sweets, she was continuously staring at him. She was literally stalking him.

He went inside. Meanwhile, she got hold of his mobile. What she saw, she couldn't believe it.

 It was her and Aadil's photo, hugging each other. She never had that moment with Aadil. Then, who that girl could be ?? She was furious. 

She wanted to throw that mobile phone at that moment only.  

She remembered her first meeting with him, where he told her, " you look exactly like Samara."

She couldn't remain calm and went inside her room.

Meanwhile, he realized that he had forgotten his mobile phone in the hall only. He just wished that Simer had not seen their photograph. 

Simer cried inside her room. She felt heartbroken. When Humaira asked her to open the door, she did. But, she didn't let Humaira know about her tears. 

She tried to figure about Samara. 

"Humaira, you know one thing strange happened."

"What ?"

"The day I regain my consciousness, Aadil told me there's a girl, Samara, who looked exactly like me."

"Yes, di."

"You know her??"

"Ya." Humaira regretted it. Aadil had forbidden everyone to talk about Samara in front of Simer. 


"No..No...I mean I didn't know her personally, I just know that she was Aadil's friend. "

Now, it was difficult for her to hide her jealousy.

" Where is she now?"

"We lost her in that accident."

Simer could see the pain in her eyes. She didn't know why her own sister was sad about someone, who looks exactly like her.

Her behaviour was changed towards Aadil, obviously out of jealousy. He was still finding the reason.

One day, she invited him to lunch. She tried to find out about Samara from him. She couldn't find any way to start the topic about her.

He was already lost somewhere. Meanwhile, the servant served them pickle with the main course. 

She was about to speak but before her, Aadil scolded him," What is this pickle doing here? You know, my Samara doesn't like a pickle with the main course. Now, took it back to the kitchen. And remember, never repeat that mistake again."

She was astonished to see that face of Aadil. She didn't know he was so possessive for Samara...."Wait...What that my Samara meant? Does he love her or something...."

She could hardly eat the food and left without even saying goodbye.

She ignored him as much as she could. He was astonished. But, he chose to remain silent. She was broken. He was the first person whom she knew, she trusted him, he broke her trust...

Once, she overheard his conversation about Samara with one of his friends. "Yr you know na, how much I love her. We had so many plans for our future. Even, we were planning to get engaged on her 23rd birthday. But God ruined my life. He snatched my love from me. That accident...It changed my life forever. I hate that day. I wish I could change that day..."He had tears in his eyes.

She immediately left from there.

Now, it was hard for her to live with that truth. She knew she was in love with him. But, she couldn't bear her heartbreak. She cried inconsolably. She wished she could kill that Samara who stole her love. She decided to kill herself. She forgot that the lock has to be repaired.

By God's grace, Aadil came over there.

He snatched that knife from her and slapped her. 

 "Are you mad, what are you doing?"

"I don't want to live. Let me die..."

She was still crying. 

"Are you out of your mind? What had happened to you?"

"Please go away from me. Leave me alone."

"No, I won't. You have to tell me. What's wrong with you.? Tell me, I will solve your problem...But please don't cry.."

He tried to pamper her.

"You are my problem."

"Me, but how.?"

"Because you love Samara."

He was stunned to listen to that reply from her.

" Why are you bringing her in-between?"

"Because she came in-between." She almost screamed.



"She came in-between us."


"I know you love her. You wanted a future with her."

"But, why does it matter to you ??"

"Why are you so dumb?.... Because I love you."

Aadil was shocked till his nerves again...

She was crying badly...

He immediately hugged her and kissed her forehead. 

"Really ?? Do you really love me??" He still couldn't believe his ears.

"But why does it matter to you, live with your Samara. Why do you need me?" 

She pushed him away.

She again tries to fetch that knife. 

"I had lost you once, I can't afford to lose you again...Please, Samara...Please. " Aadil Pleaded.

"Again Samara?"

"Yes ...Because you are Samara. My Samara, my love, my life, my life partner.. you had lost your memory after that accident. The day, you regain your consciousness...It was your 23rd birthday...The day we decided to get engaged... I m sorry...I lied to you...Because I didn't want to pressurize you."

He told her everything about them...From their childhood friendship to relationship.

Aadil was begging her.

"I m sorry Aadil. I misunderstood you."

"Please never leave me alone...Please."

"I won't. I know I had memory loss...But I still couldn't recall anything...I m sorry...I just know I love you.."

"I love you too."

"Can you please do a favour on me?"

"Hey. Tell me."

"Please call me Simer. I want to live with that identity you gave me. I want to live for the rest of my life as Simer...Because I hate that Samara."

"Yeah sure." 

They hugged each other.

"You know what, you look exactly like her."

"Shut up. I never gonna marry you if you speak her name even once.."

"Ok...calm down. How can someone be jealous of her own?"

"I do ."  

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