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I was 8 years old when I faced that trauma. My little sister was just 5 at that time.

It was the Corona Pandemic in 2020. I am sure you all must remember. It created such havoc all over the world.

I was sympathetic towards the victims but that one day, I felt what empathy feels like. 

I didn't remember exactly what had happened but the police came and they scolded my mom. I was with her only. She immediately sends me inside. Meanwhile, she was continuously trying to contact my father. He was busy in some work. I saw my mother crying.  

I was little but she always taught me that neighbours reach you before relatives in the time of need. So you should have a good bond with them.

That day, in my innocence, I asked her to take help from neighbours only, to which she agreed. But, none of them helped us. 

I saw my father coming. That time, I felt secure. Because he won't let that police to take our mom along with them. 

I went inside. I saw my little sister crying. I forgot my worries but I decided I won't let her disturbed by anything. As siblings, we didn't have a great bond but that day, a new bond was established between us.

Although, police went off. But, our neighbours boycott us. Nobody talked to us, Children stopped playing with us, they stopped purchasing goods from us. 

We heard a lot of rumours about us.

We all were broken by that one incident.

My innocent mind couldn't bear it.

Neither my sister nor my father could express their loneliness, only left was me and mother. My parents were shattered. 

We need to change our home. 

My parents changed their way of upbringing. They taught us to be independent. They never again taught us that neighbours reach you before relatives in the time of need. We need not depend on others for ourselves.

We are here today. Myself, Shreya Aggarwal, motivational speaker and my sister, Simran Aggarwal, who is a volunteer for an NGO.

 All because of our parents, their upbringing, and our those neighbours. I want to thank God, for bringing us here.

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