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'A lady is incomplete, without a mother and without being a mother herself.'

I heard it from some famous celebrity.

Do you all agree with this?

Anyway, I want to represent my views on this.

I ask all of you sitting here,


Why is it so ??

Why a lady is incomplete without a mother and child?

I repeat my question, why?

What about those orphans, who are abandoned by their families, just because they are girls?

Are they incomplete?

Why aren't they complete, just because they are girls, who do not have mothers?

Is it so?

Orphanages teach those children to become loving and caring, to become independent, to become complete on their own.

The orphanage doesn't define those children as incomplete ones.

In fact, orphans are complete, much more efficiently than a family person.

Second thing, have you ever heard about infertility?

I am sure, you all must have, at least once in your lifetime.

Those ladies, who can't bear a child, are incomplete, why?

We have lots of IVF techniques these days.

But, what about those who couldn't get successful, even in IVF??

What about those women, who decided not to have children?

Just because they made a choice, that is not accepted by society, they became incomplete, why?

I do respect motherhood, a lot. Because, motherhood is a selfless bond, between a mother and a child, between two souls.

Just because, some females can't get pregnant, it doesn't mean, they don't know what motherly love is?

Just because someone made choice not to bear a child, doesn't mean they don't respect motherhood.

Motherly love is holy, pure, soft. It binds the relationship.

It doesn't make anyone complete or incomplete.

I brought up this discussion today because I am complete.... the way I am.

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