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The Stamp Paper Scam, Real Story by Jayant Tinaikar, on Telgi's takedown & unveiling the scam of ₹30,000 Cr. READ NOW

palak Inde



palak Inde




4 mins

"Di, why is Ritu di getting married ?"

"Hey, you won't understand it, you are a kid, will tell you later."

"No, I am 15 years old, I m not a kid anymore. Please, tell me na."

"Marriage is a need."

Seema interrupted in between," How marriage can be a need? Can't anyone live alone?"

"Listen to me then. Don't interrupt me again and again. Marriage is a need. Everyone has to go through this phase of life, no matter is it a girl or a boy."


"Yes, dear."

"Di, why can't anyone live alone?"

"Oh god. You can live alone during the adult phase. I mean when you will be of our age. But what about old age ?? You need someone to take care of you, to provide your essentials."

"Di, what happens to those whose children left them in old age home?"

"Those people can't do anything. They simply become helpless."


"Now what Seema? I have given answers to your lot of questions...No more, please. Listen, check whether Ritu is ready or not."

"Di, I will be back..Just last please."


"I don't want Ritu di to get married so soon. She is just 27."

"Wait...What did you say??"

"Just 27."

"You know...I was married at the age of 22 and it's been 7 years ago."

"What are you saying ? I still can't believe it ." Seema's eyes were wide open.

"Yes. That's true."

"Di, but why you got married so early ?? And how did you agree??"

"Me and Ritu, we have only 2 years of the age gap. I got married early because it was a good alliance and finding a good alliance at first is very rare. If I got married early, only then mom and dad were free from my side, only then they were able to think about Ritu. And see, it happens. It took them 7 years to find a good match for her. Think, what if I would still be unmarried, how much tensed they would be right now..."

"I could get a little out of it..."

"Told you, baby, you are a kid."

"Hey, don't make fun of me na..."


"But I m telling you, I won't get married before 28. I will become independent first...after that this marriage thing."

"Achcha, let's give a try."

"What you mean?"

"Nobody would agree to it...They won't let you stay unmarried for so long. In case your stars favor you."

"Di, are you happily married there?"

"You are so tiny. From where your mind gets such big questions...

By the way, the answer to your question is yes. I am happy there. But why so ?"

"Just for the sake of my knowledge, do you find any changes out there?"

"Every coin has two sides. So, this rule applies here also. Every married person you see here, everyone's life has been changed after marriage...In a somehow manner. Even my life is changed...A bit positive and negative too."


"I don't get the freedom to do anything, anytime as I used to do here. But, on the other hand...I need not worry about money...I can purchase anything anytime. I need to do all work alone...I got very tired. Ever since I got married, I never traveled on my own. This marriage gave me a reason to live...My son."


"So ?"

"Your laws didn't allow you to work outside...Just like Ritu di Can't work..."


"Di, why girls are given education?"

"What type of question is this?"

"Tell me. Your answers are making me more curious."

"Girls are aware, both girls and boys are equal. if a boy is educated...Only one man is educated...But if a girl is educated...One family is educated...Got it ??"


"Now go and call Simran for the ceremony...The bridegroom can be here anytime."

"Yes, di.

A girl is educated to impart knowledge to her children and relatives ( in-laws). Is it so ??"

"Kind of."

"Di tells me. What's the difference between a 12th passed, graduated, and a post-graduate girl?"

"What happened to you Seema? Why are you asking such weird questions today? It's Ritu's marriage today, we should be happy instead of discussing all this."

"Tell me."

"Their level of qualification, knowledge is the basic difference."

"Di I repeat my question.."

Meanwhile, Simran came. 

"What question Seema? Tell me, I will answer."

" What's the difference between a 12th passed, graduated, and a post-graduate girl if they all have to take care of their in-laws and children?"

Even Simran got blank. She was looking towards Ritika. Ritika was also looking towards Simran for an answer.

"None." Both replied.

"You are graduated, Ritu di is post-graduated, then what's the use of this much study. Are you going to use that knowledge, qualification somewhere, or allowed to use it?"

Ritika only answered no.

" Then why did you wasted so much money just to got a degree?

Did uncle and aunt and every other parent raise their daughters to go to someone's house and take care of it? They wasted so much money on raising you both, your education, your needs, and everything. In the end, he is giving you to some stranger along with a huge sum of money."

"No dear...It's not like that.

You re seeing the things from one perspective. It's not like that..."

Even Ritika was confused...She was consoling Seema or herself ??

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