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palak Inde

Abstract Drama Others


palak Inde

Abstract Drama Others

Every beautiful story has a beautiful ending. Isn't it??

Every beautiful story has a beautiful ending. Isn't it??

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Every beautiful story has a beautiful ending. Isn't it??

I was cleaning my storeroom. I found my suitcase - everything present in that suitcase belongs to me. All it had was mine. I relived my childhood, early teens, my adulthood as I opened that suitcase and gathered all those memories.

I found a copy of a letter. Oh my God!

It was a letter I wrote at the age of 15- my first ever letter. I wrote it to some production house because I didn't like the ending sequence of a daily soap. It was one of my favorite tv serials. I got so angry seeing the last track that I immediately note their address and wrote them a letter.

I clearly mentioned that I did not like the way they ended it. I even wrote a new plot, the way I want that daily soap to continue. At that time, I didn't know that I even had that hidden writing talent. I even wrote a strong punchline ' Every beautiful story deserves a beautiful ending, isn't it??'

Oh God, it was so funny.

But, I didn't get any reply. Then I thought to become a writer and here I am. 

Suddenly, I got a call from an unknown number. It was in the blocklist. I didn't know who it could be. When my phone rang continuously, I picked it up.

" Hello, Palak."

" Hello, may I know who's there?"

" Vinita here."

" How come...suddenly??"

I couldn't utter anything else. I text her ttyl ( talk to you later) and kept my phone aside.

Vani. I used to call her Vani. We met at the age of 18, when we both got admission in some institution, for mock test series. We got to know each other very well. For about one year, our friendship remains the same. Then, things started changing.

 I left my college and applied for some other course. She was going well with her studies. She found her school friend, on some social site and they both got well with each other.

I was busy with entrance exams or rather free all the time. The time which was usually mine, Vani started giving it to him. I felt bad but I couldn't tell her. When I told her that I want to talk to her new friend, she simply denied saying he doesn't like talking so much. I felt humiliated. Such incidents continue to happen. Those best friends who can talk for hours in a day were barely talking to each other in those days. Whenever I called her, she always discussed her life, her problems. I was missing somewhere. So I stopped calling her. Only one day, I called her, that was on her birthday. She was busy as usual. Even she didn't call me for about seven months. I got so Furious that I blocked her number and deleted it. I wanted to delete her chapter from my life. 

Unfortunately, I had to visit her hometown for some projects. Thank god, we didn't meet. Otherwise, I would not be able to hold that thing anymore and hurt her even more.

" Hello, Vani."

" You were here for 2 days, you didn't even bother to inform me. Why so??"

" I am so sorry. I was so damn busy with this project thing."

"At least you could have informed me."

" I am sorry. I lost your number that's why I couldn't contact you. We will meet next time.

Why are you worrying about it? "

" You didn't want to meet me. It's only me who is thinking about our friendship."

" No, it's not like that. Leave It. Sorry. Tell me, what's going on in your life?"

 We talked for about 20 minutes. It was hard for me to do that. I was still holding that letter 'Every beautiful story deserves a beautiful ending. Isn't it??'

But, did I want to give our story a beautiful ending??

Not every beautiful story has a beautiful ending. Some are better to keep incomplete.

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