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Recreated : Tenali Rama’s Desire to turn A Dog into a Cow

Recreated : Tenali Rama’s Desire to turn A Dog into a Cow

4 mins


 One day amidst the courtiers, there was discussion going on. One of the discussion was that, the king Krishnadevaraya decline that though Tenali Rama can suggest to solve a problem, he cannot enact a king’s role, he is only an advisor to me. At this Tenali for a moment was annoyed, but came back to reality and he said that once if given a chance,he could act like him and he should also in turn act like him and later on, let it be decided who can be who, in a funny manner he gave a suggestion. The king accepted the suggestion. 

Thus came an opportunity, Tenali Rama became the king. An instant temporary palace was created. Tenali was seated in the palace. One day morning, Tenali Rama being a king, asked his attendant to call a barber to shave his beard . As the barber started to shave the beard and Tenali the king had closed eyes as a routine process. Suddenly he yawned forgetting that he was undergoing a shave.

The barber’s shaving blade cut one side of Tenali’s mush, But he was frightened to reveal it to Tenali. When the shave was completed, the barber was in a hurry to leave the place. Tenali took the mirror and saw his face appearing clean and neat but screwed his face. He understood that him yawning earlier was the reason for one side corner of his much being cut. The barber was nearly shivering. But Tenali called him closer and told him to remove the mush completely. The barber happily shaved off the mush. Tenali saw his face in the hand mirror and turned his face this side and that side. He was satisfied and said “ well ! you have done your work. There is just one more thing you have to do “

“ Tell me my lord “ said the Barber.

“ You have to cut my hair in the same style as that of our king “ said Tenali

"How could it be ? Some hair styles are meant for some people only. You are asking the hair style of our king . How could it be my Lord ? more over you are a half baldy“ said the Barber with frightened look.

“ As of today I am the King. Do what I say ! “ said Tenali

At this the barber was frightened and helplessly looked around. The other court men present there came to his rescue. They all together convinced Tenali the day’s king what the barber told was true, as he is an half baldy, he cannot have a kings hairstyle. But Tenali was adamant in having kings hair style.

Suddenly it flashed in barber’s mind a wig which can be put on his head. He told Tenali about it. Tenali the instant king was surprised and happily accepted the wig After wearing the wig Tenali more or less appeared like a real king. After admiring his figure he was very much pleased at his appearance. He emotionally told the barber that he wants to reward him properly. The barber thought for few minutes scratching his head told that he wants to become a Brahmin who

were being highly respected in the society. His request was as that of Tenali’s present situation. Even Tenali thought for a second and assured him that it could be done.

A day was arranged for such reformation of caste in a formal and ritualistic way. The information went to Krishnadevaraya also. The Brahmin community were against such a change, but they were helpless of the rule. They went to Krishnadevaraya and requested him to stop the event.

On the day of reformation which was going on the bank of the river, while the chanting of mantras and rituals were being carried out, Tenali the instant king saw the real king attending the event along with a dog. The instant king went to the real king and enquired about the dog. For which the real king told him that “since the reformation programme is going on I want this dog to be convert it into a cow.”

 Tenali was shocked at that and asked him how could it be ?

“ When an human being can be converted from one caste to another why not an animal ? Time and expenses can be saved “ said the real king. For which Tenali said “ Are you joking my lord ? “ by chance these words came out of the instant king’s mouth. Likewise even the real king “ No minster Tenali, I am serious “ So both had not forgotten their status . They put an end to their conversation as many people who had gathered there were watching them .

Tenali realised that this reformation may multiply further and pose problem to the society which is an unbecoming issue. The king also felt that he should not have entered into such challenge which is disgraceful for a king

So, both of them concluded the programme by putting an end to the reformation. And all the affected people were convinced .

The Moral of the story is that: Everyone will and can become anyone at any point of time. Likewise outer appearance can be changed but the real character remains the same.

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