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The Determination

The Determination

6 mins

Trin. Trin the ringing sound of the phone alerted Anusuya “ Suni ! Sunitha attend the phone” she called out for Sunitha

Yes, Ma coming! thus saying Sunitha came and picked up the phone and attended the call” Hello! Hello, who is speaking? “

“ Is it Mohan sir’s house? “

 “Yes! Yes! certainly “

“ I am Ram Rao, we want to visit your house today around four in the evening for seeing a girl for my son. By the way, who is speaking ?“

Sunitha was alarmed at that response and told “ One minute, hold on sir, thus she called out for her mother saying there is a phone call for her. At that Anusuya wiped her hands to the saree and attended to the phone. After attending the phone she went near Mohan her husband where he was sitting.

“ Someone named Ram Rao called, says he has a proposal for his son, he wants to see our Sunitha it seems “

“ I Know! I know! the day before yesterday, I met Sathish, my friend. He had broached the matter with me. They are residing in the same street it seems. The family is of one girl and two boys. The girl is already married. Ajay and Sujay are the boys. They have been graduated and are employed. Their family status is neither too high nor too low. They are proposing our Sunitha for Sujay. Let us see, what happens. Are there sufficient groceries in the house? seeing Anusuyas nodding head, then I will go and buy flowers and fruits for the event. Don’t prepare much. This is the first proposal we are going to face, let us see the later consequences ” thus saying he was getting ready to go the market.

Mohan and Anusuya are a simple couple with a simple family, believed in the theory of “ work is worship “. They had a son by the name of Sandesh and a daughter by the name of Sunitha. They were born three years apart. They were doing their degrees. Sunitha was doing her final year in her degree. They were just started to look for a suitable groom for her. They never proposed for Doctors nor Engineers who would always be behind making money. And the very least they didn’t want another ordinary family like theirs. Let the idea of grooms be aside, if not dowry, at least they did not have the capacity of fulfilling the grooms basic status needs. After applying several mathematical formulas, they thought of searching for the grooms up to their level or slightly above them. Upon hearing her parents ...2


discussions, Sunitha was disappointed. Anyhow, I have to relieve my father from his burden, that it is me. Thus thinking She went to wash clothes in the backyard of the house.

“ Trin ... Trin... once again the phone started ringing, Mohan picked it up and attended the call. After hearing “ Hello! sound from the other said, Tell me, dear friend, Ha! Hum ! yes! Yes! What they are not going to send the girl for work? let everything go well, later on, we can discuss it” thus saying he kept the phone. Anusuya who was standing and watching Mohan asked “ What it seems ? “ with a curious look on her face. 

“ the boy knows our Sunitha, he has seen her near the bus stop. He has liked her that is why they are paying a formal visit to our house. They won’t send her for work it seems “ replied Mohan.

“ It is all God’s grace “ by telling she went towards the Kitchen. Her husband left for the market.

 While washing the clothes, she was overhearing her parents conversation and was thinking who it could be? all the faces daily she would see had wheeled

in her thought. No! she could not memorise anyone. But the very thought of he

proposing her was thrilling. But their conditions? , that they won’t send her to work. What does it mean? possessing a degree should I be merely an ordinary housewife? No! No! this won't be acceptable. I want to earn and be independent. So long I had controlled all my desires in getting things. With my own earnings, I want to full fill all those things and get free from them. This proposal appears to be as though, all my wishes would never become a reality. I don’t like to be a typical calculative mother. If groceries get over before due time, the way mom will be tensed to tell dad, each and every second she used to come near him and go back or unnecessarily talk more with him to catch his pulses. Dad in spite of knowing her plight he pretending of being unaware of it. Maybe dad had secretly enjoyed mom’s such acts. But I used to get angry at him and felt sad at mom’s helplessness. When she fell sick, she was avoiding taking much fruits and milk with the fear of expenses, as far as possible she tried to get cured with medicines only.

Ah! No! No! It is not possible for me. I will protest against this. He is also not such a rich guy, to full fill all my wishes along with his own wishes together after getting married. He also ails from a simple family like us or maybe a little bit better than us. I like this proposal, instead of marrying a person of higher status struggling to please him throughout the life forgetting my own image,  ...3 


this guy is better, too will have a voice to speak. Let them come, I will express my opinion in front of everyone. I may lose this proposal. For some time I have to hear bad talks spreading around me. As days pass such talks will fade away. There is a saying “ for every girl is a bride and every boy is a groom “ likewise lord Brahma will find a boy for me. Thus with such thoughts running through her mind Sunitha finished her work.

Time was passing. It was two forty-five. Anusuya called out for her “ Suni ... Suni... have lunch and take rest for a while by evening you will be fresh”

“ Ok Ma, “ said Sunitha, she had her lunch and went for a nap. Sleep was away from her. If they insist on not to go for work, what to do? to satisfy all my needs, should I stretch my hands before the husband or towards my parents?

A plan flashed in her. Yes! I have a plan, in case, if this proposal clicks and I get married. I have to fix fees for each and every household work. Even household work is also working only. Then I will have my own earnings. It's a good idea! At least in this direction, I should be very adamant. With a newborn spirit in her, Sunitha got up to get ready for the event.

As discussed earlier, the proposal event went on smoothly. Sunitha saw the boy and was astonished. She was constantly staring at him. On that day it was he who gave her change for the bus ticket. Sujay simply smiled at her. Sunitha

with hesitation smiled at him. Upon hearing the mild laughing around her she blushed and hurried back inside.

Sujay told “ I want to talk to her “ to the gathering present there.

At that Sunitha’s heart started pounding. After obtaining permission. He went inside to meet Sunitha. Standing before her he questioned her “ do you like me? “ Sunitha could not open her mouth. What to say? I have fallen for his sight itself, a clean bowled at him. Where did my determination go? Did it melt away in his eyesight? What sort of bonding connection is this ? with such thoughts in her mind she was in her own world without an answer.

“ Sunitha! I am asking you? did you like me ? “ once again Sujay asked

Sunitha hesitantly nodded her head and walked towards the backyard of the house. Sujay with a smile on his face returned to the hall and joined everyone present there. Sunitha had become a love puppet doll. 

 “Marriages are made in heaven, these love bondages have seven life cycles“ a song was relayed on Tv. Sunitha and Suyja were carried away in that song.

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