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Rathna Nagaraj




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Prakash! Prakash! it was Kanchana who had called out to him. As if he had not heard her voice, Prakash had walked out of the gate. Kanchana was wondering what had happened to him ? since past one week , I am watching him, he is not speaking with anyone in the office, immersed in the file and keeping quiet with himself. He is not giving his company to anyone and trying to be away from everyone. I think somewhere something is wrong. Meena, Vanitha, Athithi, Vijay and Sandeep were his colleagues and were eagerly waiting to know what is wrong with him ?. What might have happen to him ? can’t see his grumpy face. Kanchana you are the right person, you can make even the stone speak, better find out what is wrong with him? Whether we have passed any unpleasant comments about him ? let us all join together and set right the matter. Thus all of them assigned the responsibility of finding out Prakash’s indifferent attitude to Kanchana. Since I am talkative by nature in the group and an ambassador to set right any matter,  It is now my headache to solve Prakash’s problem also. So recalling all these thoughts she walked towards the bus stop.

Again her thought began around Prakash. He was the only son for his parents of a middle class family. A well behaved person. Athithi had fallen for his manners and intended to marry him also. He had gently refused her love, stating that he had no faith in such matters and had skipped away from her. But he continued his friendship with her as usual. Their office was known for unity. No matter who ever tried to break their unity, They were like one family working under one roof, solving any problems by discussing among themselves. This was known to the other companies in that building.

In spite of all these plus points, which point would have weekend and has unable him to share it with us. How much ever we ask, he is keeping dumb and irritating us. Recently he got engaged. We all had attended the function and wished him and had nice sweets. After the engagement, if there appeared utter disappointment in Athithis’s eyes, Prkash’s eyes were sparkling. We all started teasing Prakash seeing his enthusiasm at the same time we consoled Athithi also. 

Prakash’s marriage which was fixed three months after the engagement was now rescheduled to one month. We all teased him more, when the senior manager started to pull his leg by saying” Now days boys are fast.” To put an end to the managers comments he offered to party to him, this again gave more chance for us to make fun of him. He also enjoyed us making fun of him. But, now! he is behaving so indifferent, strange!. Let it be, anyhow tomorrow I will meet him in Raghavendra Mutt, there I will catch hold of him. When she was deciding within herself, the bus had arrived, she got into the bus, the bus started to move.

 On Thursday, in the office as usual everyone were seated in their chairs, but every now and then with their eyes focusing on Prakash e and were feeling his aloofness. When all their eyes turned towards kanchana, she replied to them with her eyes. So, all of them started concentrating on their work. In the evening all of them were getting ready to leave the office, Kanchana went near prakash and as usual asked for a lift. For which he never uttered a single word, but turned towards the almarah and was picking his hand bag. At his attitude kanchana felt insulted, yet she adjusted and returned to her chair and was picking her purse at that time Prakash briskly walked away from there and left the place. Kanchana became dull, seeing her plight all others consoled her.

In the evening Kanchana finished her rounds inside the temple and sat facing the temple entrance. She was thinking that Prakash was trying to avoid her, so there are chances of him coming late by the time she might have left. Yet she waited for him. She was tired of waiting for him. Except her all the people started leaving the temple, she was waiting for him with her eyes fixed on the entrance of the temple. As the people in the temple were less in numbers she also got up to leave the temple, at that moment she saw Prakash entering the temple.

He started looking at he God’s idol in the temple pretending that he hadn’t noticed her. Kanchana was shaken, yet she waited for him to complete his prayer. When he was about to leave the temple, she caught hold of his hand so that he couldn’t go out of the temple and took him to a side were there were not much people present there. There was no other go for him so, he freed his hand from her hold and accompanied her.

“ Prakash! Why this silence ?“ asked Kanchana

“ he shook his body and told nothing “

“ Then why are you avoiding us ? “

“ What do you mean ? “

“ Your indifferent attitude, that is pretending, avoiding all of us. Trying to be like

 a Single crane which is all alone for itself all such acts “

“ No! I am not like that “

“ Prakash! we are all not kids nor fools. I hope you understand what I mean “

“ Why are talking this way ?

 “ Please don’t say the same old things. Tell me what happened ? Did our teasing hurt you ? tell me Prakash!. In the office everyone of us are worried. Please let us know ? we all are feeling guilty “

 “No! No! not at all. It is all my fate. For my misfortunes how can I blame others?“

“ Why ? what happened ? is there any confusion in you getting married ? Or else did Athithi say something ?“ Kanchana threw question after questions.

“ No! nothing! nothing of any such sort “

Kanchi, thus saying Prakash burst into tears. Kanchana waited from him cool down. After a few seconds Prakash wiped his tears and started narrating to her what had happened. When the boss of his fiancé came to know about her marriage he raped her and had send nude photos of her to me. He took out the photographs from his pocket and handed it over to her and asked her to see it by herself

When Kanchana saw the person in the photograph she was shocked. But Prakash who was not aware of her feelings said “ Now Shruthi’s life is in danger. She has consumed poison and is admitted in Deepak Nursing home, she is fighting for her life. “

“ Is it so ? In which branch was Shruthi working ? what is the name of her boss ?“

“ His name is Varun. Her company is located at Gokul layout.”

Kanchana had no doubt it! it is her brother, she knows all his pranks. With grief striken she came to a strong conclusion and said “ Prakash! just try to forget what has happened, think it was a bad dream and forget it. Apply for one month leave along with your parents go for an all India trip. Come back afresh. I will give you some good news” thus she patted his shoulder and assured him with these words.

After pouring out all his grief, Prakash felt at ease and stared at her winking eyes in dismay.

“ I promise you “ Kanchana

He too was astonished seeing her painful face. Kanchana no sooner she came to know of it, she was alert and without giving place for further more talk she turned towards God with a grin on her face. Prakash did not pay much attention to her attitude as he was relieved of the pain in his heart “ Prakash! let us go, it is getting late, mummy is waiting for me at home.” She hurried him also. The priest was ringing the last bell to the God loudly.

Prakash unloaded his heavy load of pain which in turn Kanchana  uploaded it on her, who has concern for all. 

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