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Divyanshi Dwivedi

Classics Fantasy Thriller


Divyanshi Dwivedi

Classics Fantasy Thriller

Who's My Past Ep.3

Who's My Past Ep.3

4 mins 165 4 mins 165

When she saw me, her eyes widened out of anger because I was all wet and I also made the floor wet. At least that was what I think it was. But she didn’t scold me accept that she offered me a hand and help me get up. This time when I got teleported, I was sure that it wasn’t a dream. I tried and tried to calm myself but it was something that not only shocked me but also my mum. Dad didn’t believe us but then I had no choice than consoling my mom and myself. That day I thought it was the last time to see that man, but I had one single thought that who was the man dressed all in black?

Some days past, I had an only friend whose name was Somi. We were friends since kinder garden. She is a short, pale, and skinny girl who is good at drawings. I was being very sad and confused around so she asked me about what happened to me? in curiosity. I told her everything that happened to me and that my mom also experienced it. She was also shocked and said “if I would have heard this from anyone else, I wouldn’t believe. But it’s you who told me this- “the person who never lies to me” “how can this be possible is this some kind of teleportation to another dimension or world?” “no one will ever believe us,” she said.

We were both curious about it and waited for days. I don’t know how many nights we slept together so that she can also see me vanishing like smoke in the air and coming back like fog in the winters. But it didn’t happen again. We both tried to wait a little longer but that we had our university which was starting. We were excited about it yet sad that it never happened again. We had only one month left. I was the one who was most excited coz I was always alone but my best friend had many relationships. I wanted to restart my life and I thought I will be able to change my life. A change from an introvert to an extrovert.

The last time I had an interest in someone, it was my 2nd grade. I loved playing around with him but then he got transferred to another junior school and shifter to the other corner of the city. We never met again after that, I wonder how would he be doing? He once said I was his best friend coz I was just like him -lonely and in search of many friends, which dream is still a dream. But I think his same dream might come true. I am excited about my university.


I was just entering the university office when I mean a girl named Hana who worked at the office as an intern at the university. She was quite old than me but we became good friends and then I introduced her to Somi. Somi like her as Hana was a very friendly girl who always said that “friendship is not done by seeing the age” so did we.

We entered the class and there we were shocked that so many people approached us for being our friend. It was my dream even if I was the most intelligent student in my class, students treated me like trash. But I endured it coz I had my friend Somi with me but also In that pain, I had thought of Hyun-woo [my friend from 2nd grade!!!]. I thought and proceed with the class. Then just two minutes before the class begins someone entered the auditorium. Seemed like a boy. I didn’t pay attention to it but Somi was shocked, she told me to look at him for once but I refused, coz I had an insecurity of being a weirdo in front of him. He sat in the last row of the auditorium. After that the introduction to the principal, teachers, and staff started, they all looked friendly and we had a fresher’s party in the evening hours. We attended it and went back to our dorm. When we entered and is at on the sofa and said

“university life is so good right?”

“yeah it is... you should have seen that guy!!!” said somi

“what I so special about-“

“What is special about what?” “anna?” “did she vanish?” “again!!!”


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