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Divyanshi Dwivedi

Romance Fantasy Thriller


Divyanshi Dwivedi

Romance Fantasy Thriller

Who's My Past? EP. 2

Who's My Past? EP. 2

2 mins 146 2 mins 146

Hi ! My name is Anna and this is my story. I'll continue it where we last left....

The next time I saw him it was the last year of my high school. 

It was a rainy day and I got stuck because of the overflow of the sewage canal. I reached home pretty late. My mom was angry and why shouldn't she be? she scolded me for a hour. That would be probably from 7 p.m. to 8:17 p.m. I was exhausted by getting stuck in traffic and getting scolded by my mom. So I dragged my lazy ass to my room and felt cozy in my bed. While I was taking rest and my mom called me out for dinner but I couldn't reply because I'm lazy!!! Ass!!! Then she came into my room and grabbed me by my hand in started dragging in the hallway but then when she opened my room door got I transported To the old-time again.

Mom POV*

"Where did she go?""she hiding from me?" [ Then starts looking for me ]


"Mom leave me, I'll go by my-" "mom?" "Where am I?""what is this place?"

Then I had a sudden thought "it wasn't a dream!!!" and this isn't a dream" I got transported to the past again. But this time it was a lake around which it had creepy plants and incomplete bread.

While I was looking around I saw boat coming towards my side of the lake. So, I hide myself behind the bushes. 

I saw the same personality again. But this time from pretty close. It was dark so I am not able to tell the details but he had the perfect face I could have ever seen. The seriousness of his face took the left of my senses. It was like I had something which was connected to him and that felt creepy. I was thinking about it and someone caught me from my back, covered my mouth so that I could not make a sound. I saw his face was covered by a black scarf-like thing that concealed every part of his accept his eyes. Then suddenly I got transported towards the lake and slipped and fell into it but again got transported back in the hallway of my house where my mom was looking for me when she saw me her eyes widened by anger because I was all wet and also made the floor get wet, at least I think that. But she didn't scold me .....


plz give your important attention to the next episode.

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