Serena Ahluwalia

Drama Romance Tragedy


Serena Ahluwalia

Drama Romance Tragedy

Shards Of Heart

Shards Of Heart

4 mins

Estra was trying to get her car door open, but damn that flaming anger, her hands were shaking with fury. Only he could bring out the beast in her. 

She was so livid, why was she reacting to him? Although she should admit, being around him, was nothing less than a heady concoction of a lethal cocktail filled with desire, laced with burning fury!

But if she indulged in a bottoms up, it would be more than just a mega hangover. It would be.....

"What exactly is your problem !" Thundered Estevan. 

Here we go again, thought Estra. Would we ever go back to how we were, or if that's too impossible, then maybe just be civil to each other?

Out aloud, she studiously ignored him ranting on about how 'she shouldn't have just stormed out, how she should act more professional, it was an official event where she had acted so immature.'

Of course at the 'professional jibe', she just couldn't consider silence golden anymore.

"Was it professional of you, to lean into and nearly kiss me?" She asked in the calmest tone she could muster. 

He stared at her, just stared with the air literally crackling with their anger. Estra was on the verge of continuing her ire, when she met his eyes. 

It was pure ecstasy to stare into those limpid pools of silver grey. Who wouldn't want to live forever in those eyes.

It was scary, this attraction, temptation, this longing. But she'd been here before with him, just without the anger. 

But was the pain they both had been through worth suffering again. 

She expected him to argue that kissing her was the last thing on his mind, or that she imagined it. Instead, he said, "I wanted to do more than just kiss" with an icy coolness, that made her shiver.


It felt amazing to know, that she affected him as much as he did her. She was three seconds away from leaping into his arms and letting him ravage her. But an unwelcome thought crept up, much like his family had crept into their harmonious relationship all those years ago.

Was that all she meant to him, a lover, something to just use and forget.

"Did you forget your walle?" 

Estevan was feeling jubilant as he felt his Estra was coming back to him, any moment she would say that she missed him. All would be forgiven, and he felt silly for expecting a happily ever after.

He wondered how it would be, to finally have her back when her question harshly interrupted his reverie.

"Do you need some money, I can loan you some."

"If that's your tactic to change the subject, its a really poor try." 

"No, I am serious, didn't you bring your wallet?"

"Of course I did, why won't I?"

"Then sweetie, don't waste your time on me. I know I don't come with a price tag, but there are plenty inside who would love to satisfy you in any way you want, don't be so stingy and waste your night with me. I am not worthy of you, isn't that what your family said. After all, I am worthy of your bed, but not your side." 

"Would you stop it. There's a limit to holding on to the past and not letting go. Can't you let it go. We could start afresh."

"I am clutching on to our past because I can't hold onto you anymore. It's easy for you to say or actually do, you could start afresh, while I keep breaking every time. 

He was prepared to face every vicious onslaught, but he sure as hell wasn't prepared to see his exquisite warrior break down.

Estevan, had considered that the coming daylight would dispel the despairing darkness in his world too, his queen would be the harbinger of light.

But now the night had ended, passion had been allayed and he drove out waiting for the light that never comes.

She wanted to tell him how her lips, words and pain had been more his, than hers. 

While he wanted to tell her, that he couldn't live without his heart, his essence, all of which were locked Inside her.

Funny how two people knew each other better than themselves, could fight the universe's darkest forces for the other, but couldn't fight to save their relationship. It was a lost cause. 

They could see it now, and finally went their separate ways, away from each other as well as a part of themselves, towards their lonely abodes. 

They were like a piece of glass. When whole they formed the perfect masterpiece the world had ever set sights on. A few misunderstandings, a few people, a few fights had caused it to fall. 

The broken shards ached to be together again. Alas, the shards could only reach out but never be whole again. The mesmerizing magic had ended as had the lost love.

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