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Divyanshi Dwivedi

Drama Fantasy Thriller


Divyanshi Dwivedi

Drama Fantasy Thriller

Who's My Past Ep.6

Who's My Past Ep.6

4 mins 118 4 mins 118


[note: so folks if you want to read this series you should know abt some very easy and common word meanings which are:

Ya - hey(informally) Anneyeong/anneyeonghaseo (formally) – hello or byeAjumma/Ajussi – mid aged women/mid aged manHanbok – traditional dress of south KoreaHanok – traditional houses of south KoreaSunbaenim/Donsaeng – senior/juniorOppa/Unnie – older man or boy/older women or girlHyung/Noona – big brother/ big sister(informally) Mianhae/jwe-songimnida (formally)Gaja – lets go ye or neh/ani or aniyo - Yes/no (also “I don’t” is its meaning)Chingu - friendI hope you’ll remember all the word meanings for future references, so that if you become a k-pop or k-drama fan you’ll never be a beginner like I started and yes “mitchi" is sounded like ‘female dog’ in Korean but actually its “crazy” in Korean so never misunderstand that when you first start. Okay!!]

“ooh... anneyeong”

[everyone together] “anneyeong”

“when did you all come here?”

“when Somi invited us for party here at your dorm”

“but you never told us that you both live together!!”

“oh Mainhae, I totally forget abt it sunbaenim”

“no, no I’m not scolding you. I’m just asking you”


“come sit and have some drinks”

“jwe-songimnida sunbaenim, but I don’t drink”

“ahh, Mianhae anna-ssi , I didn’t knew abt it”

“no problem sunbaenim”

“sunbaenim and my dear batchmates enjoy your drinks we are coming back” somi said and took anna with her to the grocery store.

“why you took me with you?”

“coz I need to talk to you”

“why what happened?”

“nothing just- “

“just, what?”

“just that I want you to be comfortable with everyone...

I know you never wanted to join this group but you did coz you are curious abt what happened with you.

You want to know abt the people you met at that time and clear this that why it is happening with you? Right!!”

“aww, somi-ya. You care so much”

“I know! Let’s just get back home fast. Gaja”


They went back home and saw everyone accept chin sun drank and sleeping. Chin sun smiled awkwardly and told what happened. [back to flashback]

“The boys had challenged the one who drinks more and is stable than other will win the challenge and the loser has to take everyone on a Han river outing and both of them lost the challenge you will be the proof for it okay? Now I’ll leave and go back home. Its too late”

“ye sunbaenim”


*the next day*

It was 10 min before the teams meeting when everyone of making joke of what happened to both the sunbaenims in the party. I was also enjoying everything but wasn’t laughing coz it would be rude to them. Then our leader enters the room and the laughter’s were gone and the dead silence was there. We all had our meeting and leader went to check if all the mics are working or not. It was my duty to be at the controlling unit to check if everything was working well or not. Leader gave me a Walkie-talkie and we were communicating through it. Then suddenly he said-

“what was it that you were talking abt before I was there?”

I replied very sacredly “we were talking abt the party last night”

“party?” and I wasn’t invited” he said heatedly

“sunbaenim, I also didn’t know abt it. But I got to know abt it when I reached home. Coz it was organised at my house”

“at your house with whose permission?”


“hmm” I thought I was a good leader”

“what do you mean? I didn’t understand sunbaenim”

“no one here thinks I’m worthy of their friendship or friend circle”

“sunbaenim, its not like that. No one have ever sad a bad word abt you. It’s the thing that they are very scared of you”

“aren’t you?”

Anna severed “ye, sunbaenim”

“look! You are also scared of me; I think I shouldn’t have become the leader of this group ever. that’s the thing what ever happens good or bad no one ever informs me and just find a solution to it or have fun without me.”


Then they did their duties and were heading home when anna asked choi ki-rim aka team leader-

“sunbaenim, why do you think no one likes you?”

He answered while thinking “because no one ever asks me to help them or ever asks me to come with them on parties or hangout together. Which I always wanted to do. Its sad but I’m used to it now.”

“sunbaenim, if you think that you are alone than you at least aren’t aware of the fact that if you say once to do something, others do coz they believe you” but I never had friends accept Somi “I was always an outlying”

“why, I heard you are one of the top students of your batch this year. then why were you like this?”

“sunbaenim I have public speaking problems”

“ooh… I hope you get out of it.”

“ye sunbaenim… I think you should be a little polite”


Anna got scared and her voice started shaking “jwe-songimnida”

“aniyo... don’t be scared! I’ll try to. kamsahaeyo [thanks but polite way informally] anna-ssi.”

“oo… no problem”

Then Ki-rim and Anna completed their works and proceeded to their homes. That’s when ki-rim asked anna for a favour.

“Anna can you do me a favour”

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