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Divyanshi Dwivedi

Fantasy Thriller


Divyanshi Dwivedi

Fantasy Thriller

Who's My Past - Ep.4

Who's My Past - Ep.4

4 mins 252 4 mins 252

[ NOTE: sry for being late to post the next part. The cause of the delay was Diwali, its preparations, and the comebacks of my favorite k-pop artists and some silicas of my favorite k-drama actors. I'm silly and I know but, ill take care next time.]

Anna’s POV

“what I so special about- “

Somi’s POV

“What is special about what?” “anna?” “did she vanish?” “again!!!”

“what do I do?” or

“what can I do?”

In this situation, Somi had no idea what to do or say other than just waiting.

Anna’s POV

“- him”

“no……not this again!!!”

End of POV

When she looked around it was the night itself. She roamed around in search of some information about the era but she couldn’t have a clue coz every time she landed at that place either its all dark and everyone is sleeping accept the street dogs and cats including night animals or it was a place where was no one to be found. She was just looking around when she was caught by someone who put a long knife-like thing on her neck and pinned her towards the wall. He asked:

“Who are you?”

“I’m just a simple girl that is roaming around here” I answered.

“you are roaming around at this time and in these clothes?” he said

“ahh… I- “

I was about to complete my sentence when he stopped me and signed not to speak. I saw some guards searching for something or to say “someone” I was not sure if he was a royal family member or servant but the only thing that bothered me was his face which was covered with the black scarf-like thing, it made me remember about the person dressed all in black who I mat last time. He took me to a place and said not to move. It was like a congested place with only a little amount of space for both of us to stand. He went somewhere and come with another guy and told him to take me somewhere and provide me with good clothes. I was assuming and examining that person, he looked like a rich boy and also looked like he was from a good family as per the texture of his clothes, it was what it told me about him. In the way he asked me:

“Hey.. what is your name?”

“My name is Anna” I replied

“What kind of name is it?” “I have never heard of it before” “what does it mean?” he asked so many questions.

“ first of all my name is Anna” “you have never heard of it because it’s a modern name you won’t understand” and “it means beautiful” I answered it all

Then I asked him:

“Why aren’t you looking at me?”

“because of your clothes,” he replied

“why, what is the problem with them?”

“don’t you see any problem?” he smirked

Then I realized that I was wearing a skirt and hoodie. I felt awkward while he smirked. But then I thought that I’m a girl from the future I don’t need to be shy in those clothes. We went to a shop like place where an ajumma [middle-aged woman] was waiting for us. She was waiting with a large piece of cloth with which she covered me and took me from the narrow allies to a house. She showed me some very pretty hanboks and was about to faint by the texture of them and the touch. I loved hanbok’s and always wanted a handmade hanbok specially made for me. I wore it and showed it to the man/boy I came with. He said I looked good so I believed him.

Then he was about to take me to a place but after some distance from the ajumma’s house I felt like I would faint and was falling but he caught me but what happened after that I don’t remember. When I opened my eyes, I saw that I was on my bed and I saw that Some were making breakfast. When she saw that I woke up she asked to freshen up and have breakfast so that we won’t be late for the university. When we were at the table for having food, she asked me if I was all good and in condition to talk to? I said "yes, I am in a condition to talk to but still it’s a mystery for me that who was that guy who was covering his face and the one who took me to the lady’s house for the hanbok?

I ignored everything that happened like what I do every time and went to university. The first class we had was a class introduction and then the first start of the subjective topics.

*time passed to lunchtime*


“what is happening to me I need to find out about it”

“what was that which is common in my every visit to that time?”

After a lot of serious discussion inside that head with my brain, heart, and soul, I came up with a conclusion that-

“I think that man from the boat and the man in black have a connection between them and I have a connection to both of them.” But

“What is the actual connection between us?”


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