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LOR - Sight Beyond Sight - Part1

LOR - Sight Beyond Sight - Part1

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[Part1: Introduction to the Story- The Legend of Ram: Sight Beyond Sight]

Mental peace and harmony for the old vulture at last!

Old age has decayed its eyesight and smelling power from its mortal part, along with the strength from its both wings; a little flap there rattles up the bones inside. Weakness in wings restricted its journey far in search of food with other scavengers in the group. As a consequence, the vulture had no option but had to stay starved for most of the time. It seems like the old vulture has crossed over its golden moments; fasting and harsh reality made it appear gaunt and bony while it moves slowly towards its end.

But today is a different day! Since the last couple of days it seemed like there is a storm ravaging the place all the time; outcry, turbulence, the uproar of those bipeds on the ground, screams, howling, and lament – all the vultures there almost had their ears off! Some of the poor scavengers left the group and flew away for shelter in a different location. The sound of turbulence was turned down by the dusk, and by the night everything was quiet. Silence held aloft in the place and stood high above all throughout the night. And, in the morning? The view stimulated every single member in the group; all the vultures were high in their spirits and happiness – the vacant land by the side of the forest was filled with plenty of meats! Plenty, abundant, bountiful and affluent! And how enormous they are! All these meats were disposed of by the bipeds that were seen in the area for the last couple of days. The old vulture doesn’t need to fast for a longer period now; this feeling made its ancient wings to flap over and over in joy; then its body rose straight up in the air, had a circle over the horizon and then it came straight down to the meats on the field; Its hungry beaks came forward to the piece of meat which had less crowd around. No need to mess up with others, the resource is plenty and scattered everywhere; today is the day of their grand fiesta!!

A lot of dead bodies are scattered around the field in the doorsteps of non-Aryans. Procumbent bodies in disorientation on the field today are the feast of the vultures. Benumbed, stirless bodies of humans lying on the ground in an unfriendly ambience; circling of predator birds over them, their scavenging of dead bodies – crude and harsh reality in vicinity indeed! Dead and dead all around the land as far as it comes in the vicinity up to, in every possible format one may imagine - Fresh, brisk, musty, rotten – each and every type of bodies around the place and gathering of flesh-eaters, scavenging birds around them- the naked part of bitter truth.

Four men standing nearby on a low mound were observing the circumstances in the battleground right ahead. The elder most among them is known as Maharshi Valmiki; he led a vibrant and eventful life. Once upon a time populace of ‘Aryabarta’ used to shiver in the name of Ratnakar, the infamous outlaw, a Death Incarnate! Today, who is going to swear that both of these personalities are identical after looking at this cool, calm, gentle sage standing tall ahead! The outlaw today purged into its altered incarnation – Maharshi Valmiki, the sage. This is a miracle indeed!

-“The end result of war – endless Silence” – Dharmakhshem spoke at last; he is the senior-most disciple as well as the chief adviser of Maharshi Valmiki – “and this is what we call -‘Silence of the dead’”.

Valmiki nodded in response, but he didn’t speak anything at all.

The youngest and most lively person in the group is SubhaMangal. The person with the bigger mouth who never stops arguing on any topic seemed to lose words and muted off for the moment when the naked truth of death was exposed in front of him. The loudmouth fella seemed to stay unspoken for a long time staring at the face of death lying ahead; after some moments when he was accustomed to his surroundings now he started breathing heavily like a crooked man and asked in a rush-

-“But why such an enormous loss of lives, Maharshi? Who are these guys? What are their identities? Why so many deaths dwelling around?”

These simple Questions from a young adult perplexed the rest of the members in the group. Everybody kept staring at the Maharshi silently. And, Maharshi himself? With his dreamy eyes, he stretched his views further off the ground, and perhaps of the world; dismal silence for some moments, and then he started up talking-

[Coming up next- 'The Recall']

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