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Aritra Das

Action Classics Fantasy


Aritra Das

Action Classics Fantasy

LOR-Sight Beyond Sight-Part 5

LOR-Sight Beyond Sight-Part 5

6 mins 12.2K 6 mins 12.2K

The Legend of Ram-Sight beyond Sight [ Part 5 ]

[Continued from Part 4]:



-“Did you ever happen to look into the night sky and discover seven bright stars at a row out there, Ashtabasu? Collectively they are known as ‘Saptarshi’, seven great sages of all time, who are now watching over us as stars in the night sky; shining high above us! ‘Aatri’, ‘Angira’, ‘Pulaha’, ‘Pulastya’, ‘Kretu’, ‘Vashishtha’, ‘Marichi’ – these were the mortal names of those seven ancient sages; they belong to the time when society begins, religion takes its form. Nobody exactly knows when they were born, when they got their ‘Nirvana’. Their mortal part faded away a long time ago; their bodies turned into ashes, but their names remain immortal among the stars. Whenever you see them in the night sky, don’t forget to pay your homage to them.

Maharshi Markendeya is even far more ancient than these great sages are! But people will never – why are you so shocked? Don’t be afraid; he is livelier than you and me! When you will meet him, you will understand how life and the cheerful person he is! An animated and charming personality with a divine smile every time on his face. He might be elder than me, but you will soon find that he looks much younger! Though, his proper age can never be determined.”

-“Why, Maharshi?”

Maharshi Valmiki had a stare at Ashtabasu first, and then he replied –

-“Because age calculation applies to those who play by the rule of time; anybody roaming outside beyond timeline is outside the bond of mortal combat! Am I clear now? The person then turns out to be a ‘paradox’, a secret dweller toying with every mortal law! The same thing happens to him.

He was born into an ancient, noble dynasty. However, later he left his family and Thrones in a quest of his own mental peace and some ‘mundane’ questions those were clogging his mind and senses. He dwelled across many places in pursuit of those questions and at last, after years of worship and devotion to the almighty, he was able to form a new ideology. Soon his ideology, his religion became famous among his disciples. He showed the path of life and must to do rituals to the frivolous, demented populace based upon eight basic principles of life. In the end, he moved away from the mass, sorted out the enactment of his own death and only then, he was set free to walk the path guided by the Gods!”

-“Forgive me ‘o great sage for my ignorance, but is this new ideology, or religion, whatever it is, less popular among the mass? Never actually heard of any such ideology that is based on eight basic principles; where did this new or semi-new ideology actually do exist Maharshi?”

-“It is possible that you never had ears to it Ashtabasu, because, this ideology never exists in our timeline, nor before us! Its birth is destined into the womb of the future. Maharshi Markendeya is supposed to born in a later period, in a critical situation when Mankind shall be descending through its darkest hours. Serious problems will arise those will be enough to decay the moral values that bind the humans together. Brothers will hunt down brothers, the mother will kill her own children, wives will be feasting on the dead bodies of their husbands, and fathers will lose their very lives in the hands of their own blood. Everything a man holds dear will be lost, relations will fade away. All these complexities and anomalies will give rise to one possible alternative only – civil war.

In these hard days of mankind, Maharshi Markandeya will be born into a Royal dynasty by the side of a river. He will bring on the new ideology that someday will help humanity to flourish and prosper. The ideology that will be based upon democracy and right to exist for all; and the very moment when his mundane existence is no longer needed, Maharshi Markandeya will resurrect again! And then, he will continue his roaming beyond the grip of time.”

All the three disciples looked each other for a while; then Ashtabasu had his question –

-“I am sorry Maharshi, but we cannot read a single word that you are speaking; everything is contradictory and a little… foggy, mystic and... Ambiguous! Someone will be taking birth in the future… Work in the future, his death is in the womb of the future… resurrection…paradox…we are going to meet him now… please let us know one more thing, did you see him yourself?”

-“You are intelligent, and the question you made is very indicative indeed! I won’t disavow that the death row ahead has clotted my mind and gave me heartache no doubt, but be assured that my head hasn’t stopped functioning properly, nor insanity did override my clearer vision. Whatever you are listening to is true to every sense and yes, I had a conversation with Maharshi Markendeya myself. I have some added information about him – All of you! Listen to me now! I already mentioned that he staged his own death and then ‘Kalatit’ carried him away in a different timeline. Here, he spent some moments hiding in a jungle; there is an attractive story-line regarding this event, will tell you someday about it; however, this story was intentionally created so that we, civilized human species could grasp the matter at ease. The catch of the story-line is – Maharshi Markendeya is the sole person who witnessed the destruction and rebuilds of Earth along with the restoration of lives in it, thrice!!”

-“Maharshi! You were talking in riddles by this far, now you are scaring us!! The Earth was destroyed and restored thrice?? What is it supposed to mean?” Subhamangal screamed out in fear.

-“I accept my incapability to understand this part of the riddle, Subha. His words were bleary as if he wanted to conceal something… mysterious words; I wasn’t smart enough to break into the puzzle. But the part of the puzzle that I could read was – The Earth was destroyed thrice and rebuild, before or after our timeline! I am not so sure about it!!”

-“But this is blasphemy, Maharshi!”- Ashtabasu now speaks up in anxiety with a faint touch of fear in it – “Three times Earth was fallen and risen- this is impossible! Was Maharshi Markendeya talking in senses?”

-“I already answered, we are not smart enough to break into the puzzle; our intelligence level is far away to understand this ‘break and build’ game theory. Participating in the game? Utopia! I asked Maharshi Markendeya on many occasions about it; each time he answered me – ‘When the right moment comes, you will be informed about it.’ However, he never answered me who will inform, or how, and when? However, I have a hunch. Each time we met, Maharshi came in person. There used to be a signal in the sky before his arrival and soon, he used to appear in person to me. This was the deal since the very first interview we ever had. But this time, the signaling system is changed. Not sure if anything weird happened or not!”

-“We are here, Maharshi;” – Dharmakhshem announced loud – “there go three peaks side-wise. What to do now, Maharshi?”

-“Let’s head for the middle one. It is our destiny”...

[To Be Continued...]

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