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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Aritra Das

Action Classics Fantasy


Aritra Das

Action Classics Fantasy

LOR-Sight Beyond Sight-Part 3

LOR-Sight Beyond Sight-Part 3

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The Legend of Ram-Sight beyond Sight [ Part 3 ]

[Continued from Part 2]:

-“Forgive my ignorance, ‘o great sage for that we couldn’t understand the moral of this story-line; what is the exact point that we are missing here, Maharshi?”

-“War is a kill zone of humanity, Subhamangal! Look over there, near that hummock; what do you see? Can you spot that lad there? Non-Aryan, approximately sixteen years of age! If somebody contradicts and argues that he’s fourteen, I won’t be surprised. That boy is supposed to enjoy life at this age; life, isn’t it Subha? But, against all default rules now he is lying dead there with three arrows in him; in the neck, in the chest, and in the head! Isn’t that an irony?”

A moment’s silence again, then Maharshi started to speak-

-“It all started with a tiny matter that results in increasing tension between ‘Aryans’ and Non-Aryans. Imperial politics created this tension between these two races; both the rulers from either side wanted to occupy each other’s land to form a unified kingdom under a sole, All-in-all ruler. Accompanied with this sort of imperial aggression, someday the war was raged upon between two races on behalf of the dominance over a small piece of land at the boundary of both the kingdoms; Ayodhya lying at the heart of ‘Aryabarta’, and ‘Avanti’, the non-Aryan kingdom residing at the Southern part of this great land between ‘Vindhya’ mountain range and oceans in the rear. In the preliminary stage, which seemed to be a controversy between two kingdoms, later turned out to be an unquenchable feud between two bloodthirsty races? This transformation took place within a very shorter span, within three generations only! Two ancient races were set to murder each other.

Battle, skirmish, murder, abduction – those were set as if a trend, the battle was a regular event! Both the Kingdoms happened to be great and huge in dimension! The Kingdom of ‘Avanti’ was far-stretched from the foot of Vindhya Mountain to the coastline of the ocean; whereas the Kingdom of ‘Ayodhya’ spread its wings from The Ganges to the East to the Narmada at the West. No one was eager to keep one’s hand out of the dust!

The now King Shailendra of ‘Avanti’ kingdom had an infirmity to his character; he used to be allured at pretty young and beautiful women easily. Revathi, the daughter to the King Dashapal of ‘Ayodhya’, is considered as an unmatched beauty and the most talented woman of the entire land of ‘Aryabarta’; so there shouldn’t be any wonder that she will grab the attention of Shailendra and this is what happened exactly in reality. Shailendra also knew that Revathi is never going to accept him as her fiancé; that is why he started to chalk out some plans to resolve the situation.


This is the moment exactly when a mishap occurs. Perhaps, this was evitable! In the mid-terrain of this vast land with the great Himalayan Mountain range at the North and Oceans covering the rest of its three sides, a monastery lies by the side of Vindhya Mountain that belongs to Sage Vaibashyata. In general, the Elites and the Royal family members visit this monastery to complete their education. Rampal and Lokpal, both the sons to King Dashapal came to the Monastery for the same neat and clean purpose, to have their education completed.

But the problem starts somewhere else. This Monastery, on the other hand, serves as a tourist spot where visitation of The Elites and The Royals from both the races occurs to enjoy the scenic beauty of the Monastery itself and its surroundings. The pleasant climate and the sanctuary here is popular among the Mass; in fact, visitation of women also occurs to this divine place in the same sole purpose. Rulers of different Kingdoms across this vast land have made a pact among themselves; an armistice to prevent war at this segment of the land. It is not wise to go violent in a place where non-violence and enlightening prevails!

One day Bibhutika, the younger sister of Shailendra visited the Monastery. Do not dare to ignore her, as she is a woman; like other women in the South, she is grown up mastering the weapons from her childhood days. In her own land, people address her as the ‘Slayer of the Shabars’. She played a significant role in conquering the Shabarland and the rumor is she killed the King of Shabars in her own hands and in a very cruel manner indeed! Her big brother and his only sister, both of them are a very lustful person. According to the rumor, a rumor I mentioned as I am fortunate not to witness that profanity with my own eyes if it is true, each day when she goes to take her bath a hundred of handsome fellas have to follow her there! They have to assist her in taking her bath and each of them has to stay… well, you know… off with their clothes! The saga continues to more profane destiny as the woman herself selects two among these unfortunate young fellas to follow her into her Royal suite! Bibhutika is a notorious hard mind to crack into and read.

Younger brother Lokpal is very young and attractive, that is why he was the best candidate fit to attract the attention of this cunning and daredevil lady. The same thing happened in reality as it was supposed to be – the lust of Bibhutika had no bound and intensified in the very first place when she saw Lokpal for the first time. She wanted to manifest her ill-desire at the very moment when she discovered this attractive, handsome fella in front of her, but how to crack the nutshells? There’s no way she could break the rules of the Monastery set by different rulers across this great, wide land. Any aggression from her end will result in an open war invitation to her Kingdom, then how?

This cunning lady, at last, chose the path of shadows and shade, and shade it was! Her accomplices abducted Lokpal at night and as soon as this sin happened, they set in for their Kingdom under the cover of night at once. As I mentioned previously that she was cunning and was as sly as a fox, she took the permission beforehand to leave the premise of the Monastery at night, such that no one could realize that she played a significant role in abducting the younger Prince of Ayodhya and they could safely enter their land with the prize in her bag; but her unholy intention and this daredevil attempt remained unsuccessful!

Rampal, the elder brother to Lokpal was an awesome clever personality. Bibhutika could have possibly never dreamt that while she was busy in planning to abduct Lokpal, she was under secret surveillance and vigilant attention of Rampal all the time!

He clearly had read her mind, and he had no slug in his own stand in protecting his own beloved brother by hook or by crook. He understood the imminent danger to stay by the side of his brother in this forthcoming mishap for the moment; if he would have shared the same room with his brother that night then his brother would have stayed alive but they would have slain him off right where he was. That is why he stayed in a friend’s room instead, gathered some friends around and with his new Brothers in Arms, he waited at the crossroad for a prolonged period, waiting for Bibhutika to catch her in red hand. What’s next? He caught her with the trophy she had!....

[To be Continued...]

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