Smruti Beohar

Romance Action Fantasy


Smruti Beohar

Romance Action Fantasy

The Adventures of Prince Husain and Mermaid Nyasa

The Adventures of Prince Husain and Mermaid Nyasa

6 mins

In a place close to Egypt, was the country of Kazisthan. Kazisthan was ruled by the then king Abraham. Abraham was a noble and righteous king. He was dedicated to ensuring the welfare of his subjects. Abraham was happily married to his wife Cilantra. Cilantra was a dutiful wife who served her husband with utmost devotion. They were blessed with a boy a young prince named Husain and a daughter a young princess named Zara.

     As a young prince Husain mastered the skills of archery, horse riding, swimming and sailing. Zara on the other hand was trained to be an expert cook.

Every full moon night king Abraham conducted a ceremony of sorts. Kings from the neighbouring kingdoms participated in this ceremony. People of the kingdom celebrated this occasion with fervour and gaiety. There were huge processions where artisans exhibited their skills. Mouth watering delicacies were served to mark the celebrations.

     On one such full moon night, the kingdom of Kazisthan was engaged in the ceremonial event. Cilantra accompanied with Prince Husain and Princess Zara joined in the celebrations. Skilled artists from different corners of Kazisthan presented themselves before King Abraham to display their talents.

     The magician Mustafa held the audiences spellbound with his performance. At first magician Mustafa amused the royal family with small and petty tricks. Finally, he drew close to the finest acts of all. The magician Mustafa invited Prince Husain to come forward. Magician Mustafa captivated the audiences with his finesse as he progressed from one act to another. Prince Husain stepped forth innocently without the slightest idea of what his future held in store for him.

     The magician Mustafa asked Prince Husain to enter a large tank of water. Husain willingly agreed to magician Mustafa’s request.

          As Prince Husain entered the tank full of water, he was transposed to another world. Prince Husain found himself in a large ocean surrounded by aquatic creatures of all sorts. There were fishes, whales, octopuses, sharks, squids, tortoise and marine weed all around him. Prince Husain struggled to find his way in the gigantic ocean. Just when Prince Husain was ready to surrender himself to the underwater currents, he was gently nudged on his arm by a beautiful mermaid Nyasa. Nyasa was half human and half fish. Nyasa had golden locks, big beautiful blue eyes and a slender body. The part of her body below the waist were like that of a gold fish.

     Mermaid Nyasa held Prince Husain with her arms and gently led him to a castle. The castle was a huge monument made of wax. The castle was a huge white castle. Prince Husain found comfort in Mermaid Nyasa’s arms. Mermaid Nyasa explained to Prince Husain that the magician Mustafa was none other than the evil king Jahanabad. Jahanabad wanted to see the king Abraham perish. The magic show was a means he had used to defeat the king. Since Jahanabad could not have destroyed the king through might, he decided to trick the noble king through this evil act.

     Mermaid Nyasa narrated to Prince Husain how she too had been a victim of evil Jahanabad’s cruel deeds in the past. Jahanabad had killed Nyasa’s father the late king Aftab. Nyasa pleaded Jahanabad not to kill her. Jahanabad took pity on Nyasa. Nyasa was transformed to a mermaid and was entrusted with the tasks of serving Jahanabad as his dutiful slave.

     Nyasa was subjected to various kinds of atrocities by the evil Jahanabad. Nyasa found that her only way out of Jahanabad’s evil ways was to help a prince sail to a mystic island which was located beyond the seven seas. This island had a secret room with jaguars guarding entry to the room. Only a noble prince with stars on his forehead could slay the evil jaguars and find a golden box. In the golden box were 5 honeybees. To slay Jahanabad, the bees had to be killed without dropping even a single one of them in the box.

     Prince Husain listened to the mermaid Nyasa with rapt attention. He followed every word of mermaid Nyasa’s directions. Prince Husain then inquired how he could rescue Nyasa from the clutches of evil Jahanabad. Nyasa then told him that after he had killed those bees as instructed, he should silently tread to a small garden located in the backyard of that room. In the garden were creepers of all sorts. To rescue Nyasa Prince Husain had to find a creeper with a green stem and smell the white flowers it produced. Mermaid Nyasa would regain her human form only after the prince did so.

     Prince Husain grew fond of mermaid Nyasa. He pledged to release mermaid Nyasa from the clutches of evil Jahanabad. Nyasa realized that Prince Husain had stars on his forehead. She believed that Prince Husain was the one destined to rescue mermaid Nyasa.

Prince Husain did exactly as instructed by mermaid Nyasa. Prince Husain swam through the severe under water currents. After swimming several miles relentlessly, he finally spotted the deserted island Nyasa had told him about.

     Prince Husain was extremely exhausted and found great difficulty in locating the island. The thought of returning back to Kazisthan and uniting with king Abraham, queen Cilantra and sister Zara was the only thought that motivated him to continue somehow. Prince Husain was grateful that mermaid Nyasa had revealed him the path to his freedom. Deep down Prince Husain knew that he wanted to gift human form to mermaid Nyasa and take her along with him to be the future princess of Kazisthan.

     After swimming in the water for several miles, Prince Husain gradually emerged from the water to enter the island. The island was one of the most beautiful islands he had ever seen. The island had dense foliage and abundant flora and fauna. With utmost dexterity, Husain gradually walked through a simple path to reach the secret room. As Nyasa had suggested, he found four mighty black jaguars guarding the room.

     Prince Husain fought the black jaguars bravely. After a tough battle with the jaguars, Prince Husain was wounded. The thought of the lovely Nyasa and his journey back home to Kazisthan instilled courage in him and battle the injuries he had endured.

               Finally after seven days of continuous travel, Prince Husain held the golden box Nyasa had described to him. As instructed by mermaid Nyasa, he killed the 5 bees in it without dropping even one of them in the box. As the bees died, the evil Jahanabad was reduced to ashes. The evil Jahanabad succumbed to his evil deeds.

     Prince Husain then followed mermaid Nyasa’s instructions to gradually reach the garden in the backyard of the room. After scanning through several creepers he found the creeper with white flowers. He smelled the white flowers in it.

     As soon as Prince Husain smelled the white flowers, mermaid Nyasa regained her human form. She was transformed into a young maiden with golden locks, big beautiful blue eyes, and a slender body. For a few minutes Nyasa marvelled at her newfound human form. She realized that Prince Husain had perhaps found the creeper in the garden with white flowers and inhaled its fragrance.

     Prince Husain swam back to the castle and found Nyasa waiting for him longingly. On seeing the prince, prince Husain embraced Nyasa. Thus, prince Husain rescued Nyasa from the evil clutches of Jahanabad.

     Prince Husain accompanied by the lovely Nyasa gradually swam back to Kazisthan. King Abraham and Queen Cilantra rejoiced at the sight of their son who was safe and sound. Prince Husain narrated the story of how with the help of Nyasa they had been saved from the evil clutches of Jahanabad.

          The return of their dear prince Husain was celebrated in the kingdom of Kazisthan with a lot of pomp. Nyasa was married to Prince Husain to become the future princess of Kazisthan. The royal family including King Abraham, Queen Cilantra and Princess Zara celebrated the return of their son Prince Husain and daughter in law Princess Nyasa.

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