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We welcome you to write a short hostel story and win prizes of up to Rs 41,000. Click here!

Khushboo Patel



Khushboo Patel


Hold Together

Hold Together

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Avinash and Sonali, two unique Love Birds, whose love story started with some amazing tunes. They never interacted with each other through words, main reason was they were differently abled children of God, Avinash wasn’t able to speak and Sonali was blind, yet both never had any regret of their incapacitance. They were happy with what they had, and became happier when met and been each other’s whole life. 

Avinash had a usual routine of getting up early in the morning and going for a walk with his best friend actually childhood friend, Rahul. Fortunately they both got admission in one of reputed college in city nearby to their hometown and arranged their living in a flat. 

One morning, he and his friend Rahul decided to have a walk in nearby Garden. They both got ready, and made their way to garden. Avinash observed, standing at the gate of the garden, a very different type of environment, a much unexpected surrounding in a city life.


“Early Morning,

 Garden Scene,

  Birds Chirping,

  Trees dancing on chirping music of birds,

   Squirrel’s smiling.”

A perfect environment to make mind and heart fresh. Suddenly, Avinash eyes captured one of amazing moment of his life, he saw a beautiful sculpture of clay, behind a tree which was 10 steps away from the gate of the Garden. His eyes remained intacted looking at masterpiece of sculpture. Rahul came from behind and patted, Avinash, moved apart, without taking his eyes from sculpture of clay


“What are you doing here, dude?” Rahul asked (yet he didn’t noticed the clay sculpture) 

Avinash pointed to the beautiful sculpture of clay, which was enough for Rahul to realise why Avinash got struck there, and, he too got amazed looking at it and describing its beauty he complimented “Wow! It’s so amazing means, without colours too its looks so perfect”. 

Avinash was just smiling, looking at creativity.

Suddenly both heard someone coming, it was a watchman and a girl following him.

Watchman asked “What happened, sir?”

Rahul asked “Who made this?” pointing towards the creativity. 

Watchman pointed to girl which was following him and was standing behind him.

Water Bottle from Rahul’s hand slipped and landed on ground.

Rahul mouth remained wide open, he was shocked because the girl sculpture was blind, she by mere touch made such beautiful carving.

The name of the girl was Sonali, a teenager, who loves to make carvings of clay. Life of Sonali wasn’t simple still she managed everything. Her only passion was making carvings of clay and her love was music and poems.

Watchman handed the vessel which contained the clay that was playing hide and seek with Sonali. Rahul snatched Avinash from that place and Sonali continued to make and crave sculpture.

“Avinash, Get up!” Rahul shouted in ears of Avinash after trying lots of tricks to wake him up from day dreams , he was completely lost in carving. He was fallen in love for sculptures. The whole day , he was thinking about Sonali and her sculptures.

“How amazing , God gives such amazing experience everyday, a human having perfect eye sight may not perform such amazing work of clay , she is blind still made such amazing clay sculptures Beautiful girl , amazing sculpture” He was thinking alone sitting on bed.

“Bro! What happened , stop your lips now from smiling” said Rahul irritatingly. Avinash ignored him.

Next day they went again but she wasn’t there , after few minutes of waiting in garden, finally she arrived with her bag. His bag got struck in a plant, Rahul saw an immediately went to help her. He helped her. She thanked him.

“Your sculptures were amazing, we saw them yesterday” Rahul complimented 

“We?” with a question mark on her face.

“Yes, I and my Friend Avinash are here” replied Rahul

They introduced each other. 

“Hi, I am Sonali” She introduced first

“Hi I am Rahul” Rahul said shaking hands with her.

“He is Avinash” now shaking hands with Avinash , “He isn’t able to speak” Rahul added further.

“Oh ! But nice meeting you both , thanks for helping me’ she said with a huge smile.

Avinash was smiling but in his heart he had a regret that he isn’t able to speak for the first time.

It was now time to go back to college , so Rahul said Bye from both of their side.

She too waved  a bye and they went away.

This all continued for a month , Avinash and Rahul both went and were meeting her every morning, and every morning Avinash use to give a Rose to make her feel his presence , his care. She too got two good friends. Avinash sometimes use to talk to her by taking her hand in his and writing words on it, while she use to reply her with her sweet voice. She was falling in for Avinash, because each and every word he wrote made her feel something special for him. 

One  day, Avinash alone went to the same garden , in the guess that she may meet him . That day he didn’t when there for walking yet he went there to enjoy the beautiful environment of the garden with his guitar. He was the best guitarist from his school time. The tune he played was loved by all , children , youngsters , adults as well as aged ones. That morning, he went to the same tree and sat under that tree started playing his favourite tune made by him. As he started playing , Sonali entered the garden and immediately got attracted towards the tunes of his. 

“He was playing the tune publically, while she was making lyrics in her mind.”

She was attracted towards his tune of guitar. He was playing and she was murmuring guitar. Sonali followed the tune and went in front of Avinash and stood in front of him. He stopped the tune as he saw her. 

She said in poetic manner


“Oh , My cupid of art,

 The Hide and Seek game of Heart,

  I love you my beloved, my Sweetheart.”



“Are this the lyrics of tune?” Sonali asked Avinash

Avinash wasn’t able to speak so he again played a tune which described himself with the help of tune and he was happy , that after so much time he met someone who could understand him , and hi tunes , so perfectly. 

The message he conveyed was


“The message with help of tune,

 My soul try to convey,

                     I am falling with grace,

 The silence within try to face,

 It speaks Volumes,

  Tunes from my heart,

              Because I Cannot say”



She said “I understood what you wanted to convey, You aren’t able to speak.” 

After this they became good and started new and different ways to communicate with each other. This is how their friendship and love story started.

He proposed her and she accepted his proposal , without giving a second thought. They both were perfect for each other. 

After accepting his proposal , the next day, she played a tune on his guitar and he conveyed lyrics in an amazing way

He took her hand and started writing each and every word with his finger so she could feel the words he wanted to say 

Tunes depicted the following words


“ God give me a chance,

  Let me be his fiancé,

  Let me have a glance,

        Let me be lost in essence,

I will take her there in the world of mine,

Arouse how we will go there without wings kind,

Everything is possible sweetheart, Love is Divine.”

That day he got the best way to communicate with her. He proposed her in the same way of poem, and yet this was the most unique way he proposed her and she replied with a “Yes”


“They are married now and live happily with each other.

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