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Smruti Beohar

Abstract Romance Inspirational


Smruti Beohar

Abstract Romance Inspirational

An Autumn Love Story

An Autumn Love Story

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It was getting colder and darker each day as Autumn had gradually set in. The nights were long and dark with frost all around during the morning hours. Dry dead leaves crushed on the soil while clouds appeared in the sky above. Many birds including nightingales, cuckoos, swifts and swallows flew south to warmer climates during the winter. Badges, foxes and small birds feasted on small berries and provided a natural source of energy and nutrients for the underlying vegetation. Damp weather provided the ideal conditions for fungi to grow. Autumn is the season when many of these fungi species thrive. They come in a an amazing range of colors and some very peculiar shapes and sizes.

'Artisan' Cafe is located on a busy West London intersection. It is a perfect place to relax and have some fun. Sounds of chats, laughter and merriment resounded in the cafe. The rooms of Artisan cafe have a pleasant look and feel with enormous windows on the two sides, high ceilings and home-made furnishings that adorn the cane wood furniture. Melodious music keeps playing in the background. Live orchestra keeps entertaining the visitors. visiting the cafe. Several short plays and dramatization by live actors engage the visitors and enliven the place.

The cafe serves appetizing food to its visitors. Food served includes sprightly sandwiches, delicious cakes, pastries, mock tails, cocktails, coffees, buns, bread, and biscuits.

George, Lizy, Peter and Samantha, a group of old college friends were refreshing some college time memories by organizing a small get-together after several years of having completed college. All the four of them met at Artisan Cafe and had an enjoyable time together. After the initial get-together, George and Lizy who were good friends since college times decided to meet up again.

George, was tall, handsome, fair and had short hair that flew over from the top of his head. Lizy was also fair, had a narrow nose and big black eyes. She wore a plain or coiled plait of false hair that was attached to wires to create eye catching loops that were worn vertically on the top of the head. On one fine sunny autumn morning, George and Lizy decided to meet up at the Artisan cafe. Artisan cafe engages clients of all age groups. As one sits in the Artisan cafe, and sips perfectly made espresso, the delectable cuisine transposes one to a heavenly world.

George wore a button up black jacket while Lizy wore a long sleeved red top and floral jeans with it.

While at the cafe, George ordered for some hot pie apple punch. The hot pie apple punch had a frothy topping and it was garnished with apple crisps. Lizy ordered for some hot chocolate. Hot chocolate is prepared by adding double cream, milk on slow flame till it simmers gradually. The hot chocolate was simmering hot and had wonderful aroma. George and Lizy spent several hours at Artisan cafe chatting about good old college times, their lives since college times, their professional roles and the professional and personal responsibilities that their lives entailed.

George was a renowned Chartered accountant in the city of London. He would render consultation to large corporate giants, audit accounts and generate financial reports.

Lizy on the other hand was the Vice President of the Human Resources function of a Fortune 500 IT organization in New Hampshire. She would provide expert advice to the President, Vice President on matters related to employee relations, recruitment, compensation and performance management.

Lizy was married to Steve earlier. They had a daughter named Sarah. Owing to personal differences, Steve and Lizy had parted ways. George had liked Eva. However, Eva's father was against their relationship. George was alone since the past few years.

George and Lizy had an intelligible and enjoyable conversation on a range of topics such as the current weather in London, current affairs, politics, arts, science, colors, food, culture and challenges that they faced in their professional and personal roles in Life. After having spent a few hours conversing, they decided to spend some time outdoors.

Lizy said that she had always wanted to take the Twilight Open bus tour in London. After travelling to the bus stop, in George's car, George and Lizy boarded the bus that would show them around the place.

As George and Lizy boarded the bus, bright towering landscapes, illuminated bridges greeted their eyes. George and Lizy witnessed stunning views of London's night life. They both observed some of the best of the night time views that London had to offer. Lizy removed her dslr camera and shot some twilight pictures along the river Thames.

As the bus crossed various landmarks such as The London Eye, Big Ben, the House of Parliament, the National Theatre, the Wharf and the Oxon tower, George and Lizy exchanged some quick and significant glances at each other. After the tour George and Lizy reached the parking lot to board their car.

Memories of a magnificent day spent together were lingering in their minds as they boarded the car to return back home.

The next morning Lizy confessed that she was in love with George. George and Lizy confirmed their commitment to each other. They awaited the brilliant future that was waiting to unfold. As they walked along, dried dead autumn leaves crushed beneath their feet. Dark green ivy were trailing over the trees as they moved towards their car. A dazzling display of gold and crimson-colored leaves greeted George and Lizy while on their way towards the airport.

George felt a soul connection with Lizy. Lizy too felt secure in George's company. Both George and Lizy felt that fate had re-united both George and Lizy to bring about bright and beautiful beginnings in their lives.

A happenchance meeting initiated by Martha and Chris re-united Lizy and George for the rest of their lives. Life is always ready to offer one opportunity to bring back lost colors and adorn it once again. Just as George and Lizy did, one has to be proactive and give oneself second chances in Life.

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