Bilva R. Desai

Action Crime Thriller


Bilva R. Desai

Action Crime Thriller

Born Again - Chapter 2

Born Again - Chapter 2

6 mins

The Same day at the office of Ahmedabad Magazine...

"Selly, I need a cover story on Anubhav Bindra for this week's edition." - Mark Whitmore the Chief Editor of Ahmedabad Magazine ordered.

For, 20 years in Journalism Mark had many interviews and cover-stories done for the publications he had worked with. He joined Ahmedabad a lifestyle magazine of the rich and famous five years ago and had celebrities like the Ambanis', the Adanis', Amitabh Bacchan, Sachin Tendulkar, the local boy Parthiv Patel among the few who had appeared on the cover of his magazine. Sanjay Solanki himself had appeared thrice on the cover of Ahmedabad. As a matter of fact, it was considered a special privilege to appear on the cover of this magazine.

Here he was chasing Anubhav Bindra for almost six months for an exclusive but with no success. Finally, he chooses to use his trump card. Celina D'Souza, a gorgeous, ambitious, and a good looking asst. journalist who wanted to make it big in the world of Journalism.

Selly: "You know sir, it's impossible. He is a boor. He would never yield."

Mark: "Oh then make it possible, Selly" Mark growled, he vent out his frustration on the poor soul. Quickly he realized that this fragile thing is not the one who can cope up with his yelling he composed himself and continued. "Listen, this is important for our magazine to have his cover. Anubhav Bindra is an unknown quantity the world wants to know more about him. Go find out. You crack this one for me and I'll ensure you get a good raise."

Selly: "That's so nice of you. I'll try my level best. Sir, can you give me a few leads as to where I can start." she added sweetly. "It's always so good to learn from you."

Mark:” You, really have to be lucky to get this guy. But I am sure you'll do a good job. I'll let you know if I can think of something. You may go now I have something else to do right now."

Selly: "OK Sir."

Mark was a sly operator, he knew it would be difficult to get AB on the cover with his usual tactics as he was not someone who craved for publicity. But then he too had the bosses to please. 

Selly came back to her desk and was thinking of ways in which she could get a Cover Story on AB. All she knew and even perhaps the world knew about him was that he was the CEO of the fastest-growing company in Asia and was considered a genius and an extremely private person. She did not even have an idea of what he looked like. Yet there was something about him that challenged her. "I will get an interview with him at all costs," she said to herself.

Little did she realize that it was almost 9:30 in the evening and everybody had left the office for the day. She went out of the office to realize that it had started raining rather heavily. She reached the bus stop completely drenched. There were no signs of any bus or rickshaw coming that way. Being in a deserted and lonely place she had no other option but to use her survival instincts to use and put out her hand asking for the Vehicles passing by for a lift.

She saw a white Hyundai Accent coming towards her and she signaled it for a lift. The signal was enough to stop the car. She just went to the car as the driver lowered the window.

"I am sorry to bother you, sir. I need to go to Vastrapur and it seems I won't get any bus or a rickshaw. Could you please help me reach Vastrapur." She said to the man whom she didn't recognize.

"Get in," said the voice.

She got inside the car.

"Where in Vastrapur do you stay." asked the Voice.

Selly: "I stay in Lad Society in Management Enclave. It's ok if you can drop me near Mansi crossroads."

"Fine, I can drop you till Management Enclave." said the Voice.

Selly: "That’s so nice of you, sir! BTW I am Celina D’Souza. I work with Ahmedabad Magazine."

Voice: "Oh that's good. I do read your Magazine at times. Our Company's Chairman has appeared on the cover a couple of times as well."

Selly: "Oh really, which company do you work with?"

“I am with InfoGleam Software Corporation." the Voice said.

Selly: "Oh yes! Sanjay Solanki. He is a good friend of our magazine. Nice man. In fact, your CEO Mr. Anubhav Bindra is also quite cool. He's gonna be on our Cover Page in the next edition."

Voice (Sarcastically): "Oh really."

Selly:" Well, actually we plan to and I have been assigned the job to do a cover story."

They turned towards Vastrapur from IIM Crossroads and the Voice inquired further.

"So you really think AB will agree to do an interview?"

"Well I know it's gonna be tough. Probably the toughest job of my life. “Selly shrugged "But it's a challenge and I don't even know where to begin from. I just want to do it cos I want to bring it out to the world what is the real Anubhav Bindra till date he is an unknown commodity and the whole world wants to know. I want to show it to the world what Mr. Bindra thinks. How is he able to do all that he has done. The guy's really a genius, I am sure he can be an inspiration" Selly said with a sense of excitement in her voice.

"So here we are at the Management Enclave." said the Voice "All the best for your cover story. I'll let AB know that he is needed for a cover story somewhere."

"Thanks a lot, Sir! Can you tell me where cud I meet him?" Selly Inquired.

"Well! He stays in Rajpath Bungalows. Bungalow No. 37. You can meet him at his home this Sunday." The Voice said.

Selly: "BTW Sir, I don't know your name as yet."

Voice:" I am Anubhav Bindra." as he drove off.

Selly just stood there. The heavy downpour didn't matter. She couldn't believe her ears as to what they have heard. "God can't love me so much." she thought. She just wanted to shout and dance her way to her home.

"You wouldn't believe what happened today," she said as she just hugged her roommate......

"There's something about this girl. Either she is a crook or an angel." AB thought as he changed into his favorite kurta and pajama. There was a feeling he couldn't comprehend. His senses told him that everything was ok but he didn't feel it that way. For the first time in five years, he was feeling happy. "There's something about this girl who wants me to talk to her more," he said to himself as he was having dinner. For the first time in his life, he felt he needs to have some fun. He just looked around and told his caretaker

"Let's have something nice for dinner today, how about Fritters. What say Ghelabhai?"

Ghelabhai: "Sure Motabhai, you seem to be particularly happy today. I am seeing you smile after such a long time “Ghelabhai beamed with Happiness.

"Haan Ghelabhai" he muttered "Seems like I want to live again" (He said to himself)

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