Bilva R. Desai

Action Crime Thriller


Bilva R. Desai

Action Crime Thriller

Born Again - Chapter 7

Born Again - Chapter 7

6 mins

Parking his car at the Sreewosagur Ramgoolam International Airport Oliver Panache rechecked his looks in the car’s vanity mirror just to see he looked good and the rendezvous of the previous night’s activity didn’t reflect in his eyes.

He looked in the mirror and reassured himself: “For sure I am the best looking estate agent in entire Mauritius,” he said to himself. For years Oliver was the estate agent to many rich and famous people around the world who were interested in investing their hard-earned black money in Mauritius. He was adept in striking deals where shady sums of money were involved and had made a fortune out of it which he used very generously in Wine and Women and was also considered as one the biggest Casanova of the land who had no qualms in mixing business with pleasure.

He had handled many a client in his life and today was waiting for another one. But today was different, he received a call a few days ago from a woman with a very thick French accent who asked him to show a secluded property near the southern coast of Mauritius near Flacq village. The voice said her client prefers land-locked property with an estate that has a mansion, a helipad, a large basement chamber, and a minimal number of servants to serve. He tried to hint that such a property was available on an island in the archipelago down from the village of Flacq however the voice insisted that her client insisted on a land-locked property. The voice said she would be in Mauritius for a week and wanted to see only 5 (Not more not less) properties and he was tasked to find only 5. No information on the name of the client was revealed which was pretty usual since most of his clients preferred to keep their identities concealed till the time a final deed was written but this one was different as the voice said that she would be buying in her client's name with his power of attorney. “There’s something strange about this one, let’s see how she looks like with her pants and without it”. He thought.

Well, he didn’t have to wait much to find out for walked out of departures was a handsome looking young woman who didn’t seem to be more than 32 almost 6’1” tall, slender body, blonde hair with flesh at all the right places. She walked up straight to Oliver who was holding a placard of his firm’s name.

“Oliver Panache, from Panache and Associates?” she asked him

Oliver almost lost his voice seeing this astounding beauty somehow he mustered enough strength from his week knees to say: “Yes, and you are?”

“I am Sofia Chirac, I called you regarding the Property. I hope you have it ready.”

Olivier: “Well, as you suggested I have identified exactly 5 properties that match your requirements. I am sure you will find them interesting.”

Sofia: “Gud, I look forward to seeing them, where am I staying?”

Oliver: “I have made your stay arrangements at the Intercontinental, Don’t worry I am not gonna be billing you for it, let me take your bags the car is rt nearby.”

Oliver tried hard to conceal his attraction for her for years his game was to show no interest in people he would be most interested in being with that would make him the enigmatic personality that women would want. However, this woman was different. This was a mystery he wanted to resolve. This was the Mount Everest of the effort he always aspired for. This was the challenge he always wanted. He took a few deep breathes before loading her luggage in the boot of his Camry and proceeded to take her off.

He reached the airport pick-up point where Sofia was waiting and motioned her to sit next to him with an indication that he was not her chauffeur though he intended to chauffeur her around. Sofia showed no signs of indignation and sat next to him. They reached her hotel and as Oliver signed in for her she sat around enjoying the view of the beach.

“Miss Chirac, please take a rest as you have had a long flight, we’ll start tour tomorrow however, if you please I may like to have your pleasure for a dinner this evening, they serve excellent lobsters and have the finest wines.” Oliver tried his usual opening line.

“I am sure there will be more such opportunities, today I am much tired and prefer resting…” Sofia said as she moved on with the porter towards her room.

“I am sure there will be, take care” Oliver replied as he moved on…

Three days later: “God, I am glad that finally, it’s over.” Sofia sighed as she sipped her wine and enjoyed the lobster that Oliver had ordered for her. They sat at the Beachside restaurant of Intercontinental celebrating their deal.

“Oh, I was always sure that you will like the one which you saw yesterday cos I always felt it was an ideal foil for your requirement.” Oliver beamed who had just made 3 Mn from this deal. His target though was something else.

“Yeah, it’s a good property my client is an Art Collector and would like to store all his collect art in his basement. I am glad he gets it exactly as he wants it.” Sofia said with a great bit of relief in her voice.

“You know what, on full moon lights the ocean overlooking the mansion seems to silvery. It's almost an awesome feeling co-incidentally today is a full moon night.” Oliver started playing his cards. “It’s such spectacle that you shouldn’t miss”

“Oh really!!!” Sofia exclaimed

“Absolutely, Mauritius has some of the best beaches and due to proximity to equator full moon nights are lovely. It’s so romantic as if William Wordsworth was writing his poetry.” Oliver said. He thought instead of taking Sofia to her room in intercontinental it would great night if he could have her in the glory of the full moon on the estate she had just purchased for her client. “This seriously is an opportunity of a lifetime...” Oliver said emphatically.

He desperately wanted to be with her in the glory of the full moon night for that would be a perfect augmentation of her beauty. This was his last-ditch effort to do just that and the wine and ambiance were doing their trick.

“So why don’t you take me there Oliver,” Sofia said “I want to see the beach and I want to experience this time. Who knows where one might end up tomorrow...”

It seemed that the wine and cocaine-filled lobster had its effect. Now is the time for the climax. They started and accidentally Sofia spilled her wine on Oliver. She apologized and suggested having a shower. Within 15 mins they were at the estate where she undressed Oliver and suggest he go into the bubble bath. Sofia changed to her nightdress there which made her look ravishing. She took her hairdryer and entered the bathroom where Oliver was enjoying his bubble bath.

“Aren’t you gonna come in?” Oliver asked as she stood by his bubble bath drying her hair….

“I sure am!!!” she said and dropped her hairdryer in the water of the bubble bath…within minutes there lay an electrocuted body of Oliver lifeless soulless…she called her chopper and took out the body of Oliver and took out her makeup brush and carefully spread the DNA she had brought with her over Oliver’s body and stuffed his lifeless body in a gunny sack and made her way to the helipad within minutes the Chopper was there.

“To Ahmedabad in India,” she said giving instruction to the Pilot who had been arranged by Adnan Khashoggi...”

“Yes Cain!” the Pilot said

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