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Aritra Das

Action Classics Fantasy


Aritra Das

Action Classics Fantasy

LOR-Sight Beyond Sight-Part 4

LOR-Sight Beyond Sight-Part 4

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The Legend of Ram-Sight beyond Sight [ Part 4 ]

[Continued from Part 3]:

...Kings from other kingdoms across ‘Aryabarta’ were already offended with King Shailendra for some of his past behaviors to the others; now this ‘Night Expedition’ of his little sister put everyone’s flame directly into gasoline, large enough to burst into turmoil. A war could have been raged upon any time soon, but King Dashapal himself stood fast into the matter and expressed his remonstrance against the war. Father to two sons King Dashapal begged everybody on his knees to avoid war at any cost; King Shailendra hurled into the Monastery of sage Vaibashyata from South, he begged for mercy to King Dashapal and rest of the Kings present there. But, if there is the commencement of a crime then redressal is a must duty for sure! So, what to do now? The jurisdiction was transferred into the capable hands of Rampal, the elder son to King Dashapal.

I already mentioned that Rampal was a wit, clever and pragmatic person in reality; he grabbed the opportunity to warn Shailendra at once. In that same jurisdiction chamber that was formed into the Monastery of Sage Vaibashyata, he made his decision quickly and it was immediately granted without any remonstrance. What it was? In front of the eyes of King Shailendra, in front of sage Vaibashyata, in front of his father Dashapal and many eyes present into the same judgment room, he amputated the nose of Bibhutika first; and then holding that chopped off nose in his bloodstained hand, he warned Shailendra that next time this kind of aggression will result in chopping off with the head of someone! Everybody present in the same courtroom appreciated his move. It seemed that ideologically Rampal was able to bring all the Nations under the shade of a common umbrella indeed.

After this disgraceful and shameful event dishonored King Shailendra was disappointed for some prolonged days and remained silent. The moment he witnessed the amputated nose of his beloved sister, the moment he became a crook person; burning into flames of anger! Steer away from the part of ‘lust for women’ from this character for a few moments; apart from it, Shailendra was a Liberal, independent and a pragmatic king. He was popular among his subjects; the most important factor is his subjects had a profound loyalty to their King in return. They wanted King Shailendra to have his vengeance upon his enemies, but Shailendra knew that the job is not an easy task to accomplish. If you have any questions regarding the loyalty of the subjects to King Shailendra then I recommend you to have a look into the body with three arrows in it, and you will get your answer!

Let’s come to the point of why any kind of frontal assault or invasion on ‘Ayodhya’ was considered to be next to the impossible!

The first point is – its far-stretched vastness! It is a large kingdom itself, larger enough to be conquered within months. Hence, this will result in the formation of a larger army and sufficient supply to sustain within a long term war. This means more death, multiplied number of wounded soldiers. Result of this mundane madness? In the past, Shailendra’s father Damodar marched for ‘Ayodhya’ twice leading greater Armed Forces; but the result was unresolved for either side in both the cases! Moreover, the curse of plague and lack of food in the kingdom had taken away a lot of innocent civilian lives too who had nothing to do with the war!

The second point is – the legendary booby-traps and security measurement of ‘Ayodhya’. Marching to enemies with a greater Army ended up in vain, disappointing results due to this point. Gateway to the capital of ‘Ayodhya’ is a utopian dream; the supposed invincible ‘non-Aryan’ army marching for ‘Aryan’ capital was practically demolished to half in number even before it could reach the outer-fences to the city! No one was sure what will happen next; where the soil beneath the feet will tear apart, or hot boiling oil or heavy, hard rock stones or boulders will rain upon the advancing army troop, or they will step over innocent hay on the ground and in the next moment a tree trunk will demolish the unfortunate soldier who stepped over it incautiously! Cunning citizens of ‘Ayodhya’ is famous in setting booby-traps for the invaders.

The third point is – Mass support. Everybody is aware of his lust for Revathi; now the aggression of Bibhutika added spice to the recipe. Every single king in ‘Aryabarta’ is now united ideologically to stand firm against Southern invasion, in support of King Dashapal. This means to war against the entire Aryan race! In reality, it is impossible to win the war unless the Kingdoms in the South, that means, non-Aryans are united together. But, how?

In this very crunch moment, at last, an unsought opportunity knocked the door of King Sailendra unexpectedly; or, perhaps the Almighty sent it intentionally in an attempt to destroy his reign on Earth. Whatever it was, in reality, a devastating natural disaster hits all the Southern area- The outrageous, devastating Flood! The land outside ‘Avanti’ kingdom then was ruled by fourteen Kings. The entire coastline and almost all of the Southern part of the non-Aryan territory were affected by it. Wailing, lamentation, screaming to death – these were the scenario everywhere. Shailendra interpreted this death-row as an opportunity and grabbed it at once. He played a key role as a rescuer in the scenario, a superhuman effort as a savior to the residents of all these kingdoms; in return, he was granted unconditional loyalty and Gratitude from all the fourteen Kings till death. Now he felt as if his feet have found hard soil to step over again.

He was confirmed about one point only – another invasion to ‘Ayodhya’ will be the graveyard of him and his entire army. So, this path should be avoided at any cost; instead, his enemies should be dragged in here, on his own soil. But, how to bell the cat? His clever skull chalked out a killer plan; Revathi was abducted! She was forcefully brought to Avanti. One thing I must mention at this point, she was abducted, but she was never forced to do something profane, nor she was tortured physically at any moment. This is a good quality of Shailendra’s character that he never used to force helpless, defenseless women in doing any kind of profanity; else he ensured Revathi’s security, gave her shelter in a Royal suite, only her moves were restricted and she was kept under surveillance all the time by female wardens! That’s it!

The following sequences are laconic, abbreviated but very meaningful. King Dashapal, his both sons and all the allied Kings together invaded ‘Avanti’. The war was intense, outrageous! The allied forces of fifteen Kings fought together to keep the solemnity and integrity of non-Aryan territory, but at last, they failed. At the end of long term battle between these two races, finally it is seen that King Shailendra is dead; almost same fate for his family – one of his two brothers, his sons, the relatives who fought and fell for him – everybody is a goner in this blood shading battle. No one was untouched, not even King Dashapal; he had to witness the sacrifice of the life of his younger son. The famous untamed land of non-Aryan territory finally goes in the hands of Aryans. Unanimously the authority of this vast land was transferred to ‘Bivishan’ at once, the only alive brother to former King Shailendra. He was declared King right on the battlefield. And, he was the only non-Aryan Royal blood who joined the Aryan camp. His territory is now declared as a domicile Kingdom and he is going to represent the Aryans in the Southern land against taxes; Reward for his treachery to Motherland!!”

-“O’ Great Sage! Don’t you think that Bivishan was forced to take this decision in joining the opponent camp, driven by his conscience to stay on the track of steadfast devotion to the truth?” – Subhamangal threw the question at the very first chance he got – “Are we properly evaluating him for his deeds?”

-“I don’t remember to make an evaluation on him, Subha! I just stated the truth. And, ‘steadfast devotion to truth’- how comes you are so sure about this? If his interest was to stay focused on truth only, he would have just walked away out of the scene. He would have made some appeals not to kill his brothers or any Royal family members. He never did these; instead, he helped assassination of his nephew ‘JimutBahan’ when it was impossible to stop him at frontal assaults! This is not war son, this is killing! A raw murder!! He had a long-term desire to rule this territory. The problem was somewhere else. Shailendra is the middle son of his father Damodar. He was the brainstorm to any diplomatic issues; due to his supreme diplomacy, the Kingdom of ‘Avanti’ was extended up to the coastline at the extreme south. This is exactly why he was elected unquestionably as the King of ‘Avanti’. The elder one was Ghatakarna, his nature best matches to that of a bear! He is a sleepy and lazy personality, but the owner of an inhumane strength, and the strength he had! He damaged significant allied forces of Aryans considerably till he was breathing. He used to stay secluded in person, a poet, a singer of classical music and folklore; he had his own world where he found peace. The youngest of the sons was this Bivishan. Less physical strength, low I.Q. level; moreover, he was mean-minded. He made some conspiracies before to grab the throne but failed. It was Shailendra whose generosity kept him alive; though he was relieved of his duties in the Royal court. Would you like to listen to more about him? Tell me! If you are asked to outline this character in your literature, how would you have done the task?”

Predator birds were still circling on top over their heads. The ground where they had their feet locked seemed to be a little bit awkward in nature. This terrain has both low-altitude hills and mounts and wide-open seashore. Mounts – those are better to say low mounds, and hummocks actually; some of them are a little high with steep, sharp inclines to the peak. At the end of these mounds, there comes an uneven, rugged and rough terrain that ends in the seashore. At last, the far-stretched ocean stretches its wings up to the horizon. Maharshi Valmiki made a quick survey of the land and nearby terrain.

-“Okay!”- At last, he spoke out after finishing his survey of the land, and then he said – “There’s no doubt that this place is the vantage point from Military tactical view. Low-height Mounts blocking up one side, another side is covered with ocean, great forest blocks the way from the south-east; no way to retreat from all the sides and rear. The only way unblocked is the South. Once retreat, push down hard to South and South only! And the more you move into that direction, the more chances you face reduced or no supply at all. Shailendra lost the war even after securing such a great vantage point? Unbelievable! The Immoral karma of a man must press him down hard to his fall; else there’s no logical explanation to this defeat!”

-“Now we… I mean… What to do now from our end, Maharshi?”- Ashtabasu asked the great sage; he is the most favorite disciple and apprentice to Maharshi Valmiki – “My soul all the way is in tears, seeing the final destination of the souls ahead; I can’t look anymore! is it okay to stand here and wait for something?”

-“Maharshi Markandeya indicated us to reach this location. Ashtabasu. We may lose contact with him if we do not meet him here. See those three peaks on that hill standing side by side out there, nearby? When there will be a glittering light in the middle – aah! There it goes! It is the signal where we have to go next. Come on hurry folks! He is there.”

-“But who is Maharshi Markendeya, Maharshi?”

-“We will talk about him on the way. Now let’s go.”

Maharshi Valmiki hurled forward through the rough, bumpy and uneven terrain; the rest of his disciples followed him silently. 

[To be Continued...]

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