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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

LOR - Sight Beyond Sight - Part2

LOR - Sight Beyond Sight - Part2

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The Legend of Ram- Sight Beyond Sight - Part2

[Continued From Part1]

-“Long time ago since my resurrection as a sage, once I attacked some pilgrims with my Gang. All of these pilgrims were residents of ‘Matsya’ kingdom; they set out for ‘Koshol’ for pilgrimage. On their route, they came across a large forest by the side of the road. So, they paused on their journey to grab some rest there. In the meantime, we zeroed in their location.

We attacked the group from all the three sides; the plan was very simple. First, scare them off and leave a way for some of them to run away; second, rob every single thing they have in possession in chaos and then third, return home alive. Invest low, profit more! This was the idea overall. This sort of pilgrimage team hires some so-called guards in a vain hope that they will keep them safe and keep them aloof of all dangers; but in reality, if the situation goes messy, these ‘hired muscles’ fly away first! So, there shouldn’t be any problem robbing the unarmed, unguarded pilgrims. At least this is what we thought. But, we were wrong!

The information was entirely wrong! The guards were never protecting anybody, at least not in exchange for anything for sure. This time, the pilgrims were their own families who they were guarding together. Did you understand? We attacked a group of strong guards who had their families with them for pilgrimage! The result was expected; the burden to their own families made these men stronger enough and they resisted together firmly against us. A supposed skirmish turned out to be a bloodshed battle raged upon as an outcome of ignorance and incomplete information about the prey. Expectation met reality!

They were confused and stood perplexed for some moments when a sudden, first wave of attack hit them from our end. But soon they recovered and turned against us. Their heavy resistance forced us to step back a little, some of our men died in the feud. And then ‘struggle of existence ‘took place between them and us.

A man, ‘Chanda’ was very popular among the other members in our gang; the show really started when he died. An unfailing, bloodthirsty spear from the enemy's end took his life. It seemed everybody get out of their freaking mind then! So far, a frontal assault was aborted in a hope to keep the women and children away from the mess and to hit the fighters only whatever it takes. But the death of Chanda blew up every single fence and the rest of us just pounced upon that small group of pilgrims with everything we got. And… hell unleashed upon them!

Let’s condense the story; nobody from the enemy’s side was alive anymore. No one! This tiny part of the forest was alive so far before we showed off- shout outs, loud voices, men teasing and poking men, chattering of women and chuckling and babbling of kids, laughter, greetings, and prayers – everything terminated after their last man fell on the ground! Nothing was left there, no more noises anywhere, not even twit of birds around! Everything’s finished!

In this sultry, adulterated atmosphere, we scavenged the place. We scavenged their bodies like the predator birds you are seeing ahead right now! We scavenged their pieces of stuff, everything they had and searched for those we were looking for. Despair, aspire, profit… some loss, hope, disappointment- the bottom line is the robbery is successful as a whole.

Now let’s talk about the Weird part of the story. Suddenly we discovered a mild noise of some movements in one of their tents! So we had an investigation and soon we were able to point out the source. In that tent, there was a Dressing and clothing stack from which this noise was emitted. Kanu moved towards it on my command, removed some clothes gently and cautiously from that stack first, and then very quickly he brings a… a kid out of that stack!

A kid – aging between seven to ten. When the invasion started, his mother must have wanted to have her son secured; that is why the kid was concealed within the dressing stack. She must have thought that the invading bandits could have been pacified; but alas! She was wrong! Now, what to do with the kid?

All of us were thinking about our next steps regarding the kid, suddenly a spear hurled forward from my rear; in the next moment, we all were astonished to discover that it hit the kid right on his chest and his little angelic body fell on the ground, stirless! The spear impaled his chest and stood firm and straight on the ground after impelling him. It was… I felt that the most ever deliberate sin that ever happened.

Remorse shrouded my mind. Wasn’t there any alternative way other than killing this incarnate of little Angel? Although, it is true that human feelings are not the same for everyone; Anger makes one blind. On the other hand, this is true, our ‘savior’ had relieved us of an even bigger duty – where are we supposed to keep the kid, safe with us? The execution is ruthless and brutal, but effective and versatile. Break the flute along with its player!

We carried the dead body of the kid out of the tent with a broken mind and bleeding heart. None of us knew about him or his parents; there’s practically no need at all to look for them in this kill-zone, all of them met with the same fate. In the meantime, other dead bodies were gathered into a single place reposed side by side in the open. This was part of the plan! When these bodies will be discovered, people will understand what is going to happen next if a single resistance comes from them. This is why we repose the dead bodies in this definite fashion to avoid any conflict or active resistance. Among them, we laid the kid gently by the side of a young bride, covered him with wildflowers and leaves. Then, we left the place in a hurry.”

-“Forgive my ignorance, ‘o great sage for that we couldn’t understand the moral of this story-line; what is the exact point that we are missing here, Maharshi?”... [To Be Continued...]


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