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Divyanshi Dwivedi

Drama Romance Fantasy


Divyanshi Dwivedi

Drama Romance Fantasy

The One Who Made Me Smile

The One Who Made Me Smile

8 mins

It was the first day of my Chuseok holidays ( harvest Festival of Koreans ). I woke up early and set my bed as I usually do when I m off my bed. I woke my friends or officially my roommates in my hostel room so that we could decide where to go first for the celebration of the festival. We all did our morning routine and met at the code at our hostel. The took out the map of the Seoul city and decided to go to the Gangnam spot first as it's known for its tasty food at the time of the festival. If I tell you all more clearly then my friends are pure foodies. Well, this not the only thing that just happened on that day. When I arrived at the Gangnam spot got a call from my mom. It said : 

hello dear, how are you? Are you doing well these days? 

Yeah, mom, I'm fine and probably I'm going to celebrate the Chuseok nicely this year, but I'll miss you.

Aww. I'm sorry dear I won't be with you this year coz I have to go out for the business meeting urgently, but I have to tell you something.

what mom?

well you know aunty Lee right!

yeah, so what?

her child is going to live at our apartment for this year and I wanted you to live her child.

But why? Can't him/her live alone?

no, she also paying the rent. And she is my school time classmate, so we both have decided this together.


no buts and no what's, just do what I say.

ok, I agreed, but ...

again but!

this but is for my hostel room. 

I'll manage that you don't take tension.

ok then, take care and happy Chuseok.

You too dear. I'm.hanging the call first.


Who was that on the phone call? My friends asked. I said it was my mom. 

Why did she call you? any problem? My friends asked. I said no I just have to leave the hostel to live my mom's friend's child. Who is he? One of my friends asked. I said I don't know I didn't ask. He said ok.

__________time skipped of the day if meeting of Wang Rin and Lee ja rim ____

When Lee JA rim enters the house the house was dirty but the things were properly arranged. She was going to clean the house when there was a sudden power cut. There was no light coz it was the time of night and she could find any candles. So turned on the light of her phone and tried looking for the lighter and candle. 

Then suddenly she heard the door opening. She crept up and hides behind the sofa. Then enters Wang Rin from his hostel room with his belongings. When sees the belongings of Lee JA rim he thought the things are here then where my new roommate.

Then suddenly Ja rim jumps from behind the sofa with a pocket knife in her hand which she carries for safety purposes. It's creeped out Wang Rin and he hooded her hands for the purpose of saving his life. Then suddenly the light comes back and both of them.looked at each other and said in a chore :

Who are you? 

Wang Rin said who are you? And what are you doing here and where is my roommate?

And Lee JA rim replied who are you? What is your purpose to be here? 

Wang Rin said in a questionable manner are the child of aunty Lee?

Lee JA rim replied yeah she is my mom. Are you aunty Wang's child? 

Yeah, she is my mom, they were classmates in school. 

Lee JA rim replied yeah mom told me abt it. But has lost her senses, that she made me live with you and what about your mom didn't she knew that I'm a girl.

I don't know, I have to ask her about it. Wang Rin replies.

They both called their moms and asked about the thing going on there in the reply they got to know that they are meant to live together for at least a year coz their parents want them to be together in the future but they haven't been knowing that if both their children are meant for each other or not so they came up with the idea, to make them live together. Both of them rejected bad asked them to do something else rather than this idea but their parents didn't agree. After a long war on the phone call, they both agreed and asked their parents that they both don't want that happen then- to this their parents reply that they have signed a contract with them. But when they both don't remember.

Then they both set their rooms and head for dinner. But on the way to the restaurant, they both had clashed because of different opinions on food but then both agreed for their option which was to go for the hot pot.

When they returned home they both said we will do the rest of the cleaning tomorrow as they both were tired and frustrated with the thing their parents did to them. While they both were in their rooms on their beds, even though they were tried but they can't sleep they both were about having a boy and a girl under one roof without any relationship. 

_______time pasted to the next day_____

Both of them stepped out of their rooms and did their morning routines. Met on the breakfast table with a cup of green tea and some toast. Both of them decided to fix some ground rules for their house. 

Like no TV after 11 at night. No one should be out of the house after 9 at night and should be punctual with their daily routine and if in case any of them. will be late have to priorly inform the other one through call or through message.

After this, they got busy with their lives and other affairs. 

____________ time passed to 2 months of them living together ______________

Then one day Lee JA rim had a high fever due to her monthly dates (period) so she wasn't going to her workplace where she was appointed as a trainee. She wasn't feeling good so Wang Rin without realizing that she wasn't even asking him to care for her was carrying and pampering her. She was so impressed that she didn't even mind him touching her stuff and sitting on her bed which doesn't like it if someone does.

____________time passed to 6 months of them living together_________________

Wang Rin and Lee JA rim had a serious habit of seeing/living with each other. One day Lee JA rim got a call from her office that she had to go out for a 1-week workshop with other trainees. She was excited and she told this to Wang Rin he was happy too but, when she left for her office to take a drive to the place of the workshop, she realized that she was already missing Wang Rin and was shocked that even if they lived together for 6 months till now she didn't have any pictures of him. And on the other hand, Wang Rin was a chemistry student who was going to give his exams this week has lost his concentration on studies coz he wasn't having Lee JA rim with him, as he was obsessed with her.

He gave his exams and was confident that he will score top marks and it was the day of Lee JA rim retuning from her workshop. He ran to the taxi stop and took a taxi to his house. When he entered the house he saw Lee JA rim unpacking her staff and unrealized he was smiling looking at her and was shocked that this time she wasn't replying with a grin but a smile back. He thought he was laying to himself for so long that he loved Lee JA rim and on the other hand, Lee JA rim was thinking that she had never been so happy returning from work at that house than today. She also realized that she does like Wang Rin too.

Both them stopped skilling at each other and asked formally, how was your trip? Wang Rin asked, Lee JA rim replied it was okay but tiering. How were? your exams? They were good, I can score top marks. Wang Rin replies. Okay said Lee JA rim and yup replied Wang Rin and their conversation ends there.

The next day Wang Rin in the university's chemistry lab was doing an experiment when he clashed with his senior and thought of asking her to help him confess to Lee JA rim and she replied with a yes. Then she gave him a lesson about what girls are like and what they like when their chemistry teacher arrived and heard them talking about those things and interrupted their conversation. They both were shocked but when the chemistry teacher tried helping him they got comfortable and discussed and finally got a plan.

The next day Lee JA rim opens her eyes after a good night's sleep and finds that she had a lot of candles in her room and they were not normal candles but we're center with her favorite fragrance. That's why she thought she had such nice dreams but that was not the topic of thinking but the topic was from where the hell those candles arrived in her room. And the straight suspect was Wang Rin. So, she stepped out her bed and put her feet on the floor where she saw a lot of rose petals making a path it the door of her room. Then she walked where the rose petals took her and there she found Wang Rin standing with a bouquet in his hand a cake beside him and he sang the birthday song for her and took her to the cake and lighted the candle and asked to make a wish and blow the candle she made her wish and blew the candle. Then she cut the cake and took the piece of cake to him and gave him to eat and when he took a cake piece and took her to eat it he said I love you Lee JA rim. She was shocked and didn't realize what had happened right now. He also said take your time and answer. She took no time and without any control, in her mouth, she confessed back.

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