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Divyanshi Dwivedi

Drama Fantasy Thriller


Divyanshi Dwivedi

Drama Fantasy Thriller

Who's My Past - Ep.5

Who's My Past - Ep.5

3 mins 77 3 mins 77

[NOTES: Hey folks while I’m writing it BTS would have had their comeback with the title “BE” I’m a BTS army so please support them by watching their mv *music video in the sense* “life goes on” its fantastic and you would love it…. If you don’t understand the language please refer to the caption * it's not like I know Korean but just the basics are clear*



Anna’s pov

*Anna thinking in the mind*

I have already wasted my time joining this group just for the sake of the history of that cloth… what should I do? I really don’t have any idea about the leader of this group!! should I ask someone?

“Excuse me”

“Yes, you are Anna right?”

“Yes, how do you know me?”

“How can’t I? You are the only one who is studying in this group this year. No one wills to join this group and even if they do, they leave asap”

“ooh, well I was asking who is the leader of this team? And is he very strict? Do I need to act more proper or professional”?

“Yeah this a very new experience for you but I believe you will do this properly and won’t disappoint me as others did”

The only thing I got to know about the leader was that he is strict and doesn’t like things to be disordered, THAT’S IT!! Well, that can be appreciated coz usually I prefer to live in my own world at least joining this team I made friends with this person.

*Leader enters, with 3 boys and a girl behind him noting everything he was saying*

*Anna inside her mind*

“What is this? Is he some kinda political leader or something? What should I do? Should I greet him? Of course, I should!! What kinda question is it?

*Anna outside her mind*

“Good afternoon leader” and bowed down

*He ignores her and went past her**he turned around and said*

“you are the new girl that joined this team, right?”

“Yes, leader”

“No leader just sunbae”

“yes sunbaenim”

“Take your duty chart from Woo-min and be punctual for your work” and about the statement of our session then it's from next week until then you are made to get settled with your responsibilities towards your work”

*that’s it, then he went busy with the discussion of his projects with the other members and Anna was left alone*

*Anna in her mind*

“what was that I just witnessed? Was that some kinda storm for 10 seconds?

*Anna talking to Woo-jin abt her duties*

“hi, I-m”

“Anna, right?”

“Yes, does everybody knows me here?”

“I don’t know about others but I know you”

“How but?”

“Well, hi I’m you old schoolmate. We studied in the same middle school”

“ooh… wow nice to meet you. Sorry I don’t remember you”

“no it's ok!! You never talked to me and I wasn’t a type to talk to girls”


*they both smiled and laughed together and talked for long* *the woo-jin asked her to come on with a group party buy Anna refused*

“you are still an introvert right?”


When Anna returned home she felt that something was wrong. She went inside and she saw somi having a party with the rest of the team leaving leader and also with chin sun sunbaenim.


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