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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".



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the best friAnne and Veronica lived in a perfect family.....well that is what the neighborhood said. During that time this world was not a very happy place. There were fights all around, people hated each other, and in short the people were greedy. God was very sad to see this happening to the world he created , so God decided to get rid of this part in the world. He tried to send the people a signal to leave this place and separate.

 Anne and Veronica’s family decided to leave Anne and Veronica at their grandmother’s house in Spain. Their grandmother was an old lady in her mid seventees.She was dressed neatly and you could tell she belonged to the rich, elite class of Spain. She was an erudite lady even though she was not educated. She used to learn everything all by herself. As soon as they reached their grandmother’s caretaker Mrs. Barley came to receive them from the airport. She taught them the rules like “You cannot meet you grandma while she is sleeping. No running in the corridor. There is no library so do not read loudly.


 They were so happy to meet their grandmother that they paid no heed to the rules. When they reached  Anna and Veronica decided to explore as they could not find Grandma. After exploring they saw Grandma sleeping so they decided to play hide and seek. Veronica was the younger one so she would hide...Anna started counting 1...2...3... Veronica eagerly started looking for a place to hide. She reached a weird room THE CLOAKROOM. She went in and suddenly a blast of air pushed her backward. She was surprised to see no fans or air conditioners switched on. It was winter so the windows were shut well. Veronica thought her imagination was running wild so she decided to just quietly hide and pay no attention to the fact there might be a spirit here.

She saw a cupboard to her right which was filled with coats and blazers. She decided to hide behind a coat. She saw a weird lever and decided to pull it. As soon as she pulled the lever she fell down a trap door and fainted. As soon as she awoke she saw a strange room filled with books… a library so to say. She remembered her caretakers words “NO LIBRARY”... She was shocked, puzzled, felt zany and so on... indirectly she had many emotions together. She saw a poster with something written. As she bent closer she saw “ Read here write here create memories. You might not be able to leave. Only a true soul who cares for their sister can be crowned here Mrs or Mister. As soon as she read that loudly the poster changed it pointed right and said “GO THERE IF YOU DARE”. Veronica was scared but inquisitive too so she went ahead on her adventure .The library kept on growing bigger and bigger as she crept. Finally she saw a new poster saying look for the book “Anna. She got scared every word she read bought her closer to her sister. A thought kept bothering her that her sister was in grave danger. She searched around and found the book Anna. As she opened it a scroll fell. It had ink smeared writing saying “OPEN PAGE 104. The scroll looked like it was 100 years old. She turned to page 104 where she saw a photo of her dad. Her dad died before she was born so she did not know him quite well. When she turned the picture the other way she saw a face which looked similar….suddenly a blurred image came in Veronica’s mind. In that image Veronica was killing her best friend Priyamada’s sister who resembled………ANNA. Veronica was still, it felt like she froze. She tried to recollect why she had done that and a word blood stained came in her hear JEALOUSY….Veronica could not believe herself. Suddenly she rose up and felt as if somebody was trying to squeeze her neck . Suddenly Anna appeared “Do you remember me sister..I was a class topper, I had the best friends,I was so popular,I had everything you everwanted so you destroyed my life. I have come for revenge….Veronica said but sister I could never have done that. Then Anna replied you never wanted too but the soul of HANNAH GRACE captured you..she is after my life now so it is impossible you will live. She wants to destroy our family she will kill you and then she is after MOOOM……..that was Anna’s last word before she died by spilling the secret…well that is how the mom lived and so did Veronica. Well indirectly she sacrificied her life to kill the soul………..

ends,I was so popular,I had everything you everwanted so you destroyed my life. I have come for revenge….Veronica said but sister I c

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