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Snehal Gapchup

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Snehal Gapchup

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Swami Samarth 12

Swami Samarth 12

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In famous Alandi Kshetra, Nrusihasaraswati named one very committed devotee was there. He used to do many devotional works and was in search of a guru. 

He wanted to learn Hatayoga (extreme control over self and environment) which is the toughest skill in Adhyatma. 

Swami immediately understood what he wants and Swami said one mantra to him and in that very instance, Nrusihasaraswati went into deep meditation. 

After some time his Samadhi cleared and he put his forehead on Swami's feet. There was no limit to his happiness. 

He returned to Alandi and did much spiritual act. He was very well-known for his devotion.

One time he came to Akkalkot. Swami said leave ur siddhi (extreme spiritual practices) and continue ur devotional work. You will attain Moksha. 

He followed his words without opposing a bit.

Tatya Bhosale named devotee of Swami, decided to leave family life and follow Swami Bhakti. Due to some reason, he started seeing his death coming near. He got scared and holding Swami's feet asking for life. 

Swami sitting at his place seen one bull at some far distance. He said ' that bull is about to die, it's not time of my devotee to leave this world. Take that bull'. 

Immediately that faraway bull fainted on earth and lost his life. Everyone was astonished. 

Wasudev Fadake decided to do Rebel against English rulers. He came to take Swami blessings. 

Swami came in Infront of him taking open Sword in hand. 

He said in his mind if I am going to succeed he will give that Sword in my hand. 

But Swami went out and put that sword near the tree. Wasudev felt bad but he still did his decided act being a strongly committed person. But he lost the fight. 

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