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Snehal Gapchup



Snehal Gapchup


Swami Samarth 8

Swami Samarth 8

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Daily Bayappa used to take Swami darshan and start his day. 

To Sundarabai (main helper to Swami) he said I want to become servant of Swami and want to be with him always. She developed pride that she is closet to Swami and use to treat others but lower.

This attitude created many fight which Bayappa resolved skillfully.

Bayappa used to regularly worship Swami even if someday decides to go in forests.

He was doing continuously his work and started getting weak. He became ill, blood started coming from his belly button. After some days he taken pushed cloth from there. It was filled with poison. Might be this poison was given to him long ago by someone. 

Due to his continuous service Swami saved him from this poison. 

Shipad bhatt, Chollapa son-in-law said Bayapp to go back home and take care of family. Due to him here we are losing prosperity as he used to light lamp to Swami daily.

Bayappa said to Shipad, take permission from Swami. Shipad asked Swami if Bayappa can get to see his Kuldevi.

Swami said daily he is seeing his Kuldevi here. 

Then Shipad got to know that Bayappa put chit and decide from content of chit on what to do. He tried to edit that chit but finally Bayappa got chit which said 'stay here and do worship'. 

Bayappa was so devoted to Swami, how Swami will allow him to go away.

Choyappa started feeling very bad. Bayappa is more close to Swami then me. 

Taking Swami permission Bayappa continued his work. He use to hesitate to cook alone. 

Swami said him, guru accompany a shameless (in doing good duty) always remember. 

Sundarabai's behaviour was good with Bayappa. One night Swami called only Bayappa to assist in some personal work and she lost the cool. She started feeling my seniority gone due to Bayappa.

Some devotee given Chandra haar to Swami. Queen wanted it and Sundarabai got good chance. She said it is with Choyappa. Choyappa said it is with Bayappa. Bayappa said it is given to me for taking care but Choyappa only can take decision. Queens servant said these thing to Queen and she got upset. Sundarabai also told negative things about choyappa.

Sundarabai and queen started troubling Bayappa and Choyappa. Bayappa finally he decided to leave Swami and continue worshiping mentally.

Swami got to know about it and he decided not to meet him so no need to give permission. One day Bayappa got dream that Hanuman Mandir is the place for him. He started living in Hanuman mandir.

Swami decided to separate from Sundarabai.

Many complaint about her went to darbar that she is collecting a lot of money from devotees. Due to Queen support no one acted on this. 

One darbari was given task to separate her from swami. He avoided. But one day Swami said to darbari what you are not doing work properly. He got the message and he taken sundarabai to prison. This way her story ended. 

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