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Snehal Gapchup

Drama Others


Snehal Gapchup

Drama Others

Swami Samarth 11

Swami Samarth 11

3 mins 506 3 mins 506


Swamisut's mother came to meet him hearing news of him becoming Sanyasi. Swamisut tried to relax her but she couldn't connect with his thoughts.

 She thought some devil power taken control over him so she decided to work on it.

 She contacted Yashwant Rao Bhosle for this. He laughed and said very big devil taken control over him this is beyond my capacity. 

Then she decided to meet Swami because of whom her son went on this path.

Here Swamisut started working with Hindu and Parshi bhakta(devotees) for Math (temple for Swami Paduka) of Swami. 

One Math was there in Kamathipur but space was very less. One bhakta given space in Kandewadi.

First time in 1793 at Akkalkot,Swami Jayanthi was celebrated. 

One person named Nagarkar Nana Joshi decided to meet Swamisut in his Math.After meeting Swamisut Nana became devotee of Swami. Like this Swamisut made many people devotees of Swami. 

Later on Nana made Swami Patrika and took it to Akkalkot and put it on Swami's feet.

Swami said him to play Nagara(musical instruments played for the sound of celebration) Swami laughed seeing the joy of bhakta. 

One time Swamisut came to meet Swami in Akkalkot. Swami was staying in Rajmahal. Queen's permission was needed to meet Swami. Swamisut became sad. Without meeting Swami he should not take food, so like this for 3 days he was observing fast.

He started praying devotional songs to Swami. Queen could hear his painful songs and she felt he must be true follower of Swami.

She invited him to the temple inside. After seeing Swami he felt joy and he holded his feet with love and devotion.

The child could not meet mother for many days so after meeting his mother this enormous joy was obvious.

Swami also became Very happy seeing his child. Those days many use to worship Swami but Swami's connect with Swamisut was most powerful.

All those who use to get hurt by this connect decide to take revenge. 

They said Swami you are sitting here and he is dancing and singing ur songs to worship you but he is wearing sandals. This is your insult. Everyone being equal to Swami, Swami said him to take out sandal but all peoples rushed to Swamisut and pulled his sandal insultingly.

This insult he couldn't bear and he left for Mumbai to never return back to Akkalkot. He could not forget that insult and his health went down. 

His mother send message to Swami to call him to Akkalkot and take care of him. 

Swami send messagers to call him two times but he said no. Third time Swami said kidnap him and bring him here. Fourth time Swami sends a message that now tof(gun) is filled if you don't come this time. He understood real meaning of the message but he not went to Swami. He died after that.

Here in Akkalkot Swami taken bath that day but not got ready, not taken food. He was continuously crying. After some time message came about Swamisut death.

Swamisut's mother got to know about her son. Then she went to Akkalkot, asked Swami why this happened? Being ur child how he passed away so early? Then what is the guarantee that other bhaktas are safe and will be taken care by you. 

Swami said he not listened to me and Niyati acted against so he needed to leave.

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