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Swami Samarth 9

Swami Samarth 9

2 mins


Those days in Mangalwedha Basappa Teli named one poor person was living. He was not having food to eat at his home.

One day he was just travelling through forest and suddenly he saw Swami Samarth. He saw him sleeping on kantak (thorns) bed. He ran to catch Swami feet. He understood that he is Parmeshwar Awatar.

He started worshiping Swami immediately and said please look at me my God. By touch of Swami feet, he became filled with divine wiseness. 

Swami got happy with pure devotion and put his hand on Basappa head.

He became devotee of Swami. Started living with him. Others started talking that Basappa became mad and started wondering behind that mad Swami. 

His wife got to know about this and she started making big shouting. We r already poor and now work also stopped. What I will do now. 

Basappa not worried about what others r saying he was totally devoted to Swami. One day it became very dark while doing Swami sewa and then Swami started walking towards deep forest. Basappa also followed him fearlessly. 

In that deep forest wild animal sounds started coming but he was fearless to follow Swami. 

Then one area came where everywhere, snake were there. Basappa was following Swami when one snake touched his feet he got out of trans and now he was really very sacred. 

Swami said to him don't be scared, your bhagya is changing from now. Take as many snakes as u can collect. 

On Swami's words he picked as many snakes he could and suddenly that heavy bright light and snakes disappeared.

They return to their area and entered one temple. Basappa checked his bag, to his surprise instead of snacks it was filled with gold. He was astonished. 

He touched swami's feet and Swami blessed him. Swami told him to go back to home and live a nice life with family. 

Basappa lived a happy family life and never forgot Swami. He always daily worshiped Swami. 

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