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Rathna Nagaraj



Rathna Nagaraj




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Devdas was a born rich guy, could not give life to Paru, his love. As the status of the family separated both Paru and Devdas. Paru accepted her love failure by marrying a rich widower. He had a son who was of Paru’s age. Paru took the responsibility of the royal family and always engaged herself in maintaining family affairs. She did not find time to think about any sort of husband-wife relationship with her husband, except for the part of being his wife. But her stepson somehow wanted her to have his own, For that reason, he started using many tricks and played many pranks on her. The more she was out of his reach his desire of owning her grew stronger.

Devas were depressed and had turned into a street drunkard. Sometimes he used to listen to his mother in getting married to another girl, as his mother was taunting him by saying Paru has forgotten him and has settled in life. Like her, he also should forget her get married, and settle in life. Due to the pursuance of his mother he used to make up his mind to look for new proposals, but at the time of matchmaking he would drink heavily and would have roamed off in his own world along with Paru. Due to this reason he lost many proposals. And many hesitated to give their girls to him who had become a drunkard. Out of shame his mother once attempted suicide.

 Devdas did not want to lose his mother, since he had enough love for his mother that he sacrificed his own love life and gave up Paru. At that time he promised to marry as per his mother’s wish. Finally, he got married. He recognized his wife as Paru. Consequently, Devdas’s wife with a broken heart maintained a distance from him. Devdas’s mother was helpless and stood alongside his wife as moral support and assured her that, one day other the other day he will love her truly. Devdas’s wife waited patiently for a few months, but Devdas never tried to return to her instead he was carving for Paru. His love for her increased more and more and he stayed in Paru’s world only. His mother regretted it a lot, she knew that the mind and soul cannot be controlled by anyone. In the meanwhile, Devdas’s wife packed up to go back to her parent’s house. This made Devdas way free. She did not care about society's customs as she daringly walked away from Devdas’s life and from his family.

 In the mean, while Paru learned everything that had happened with Devdas. Her step-son started torturing her to full fill his lust. He has even blackmailed her. Paru decided to quit the house, but the concern over the other family members had tied her up with that family and there was no other go, except to stay back tolerating her stepson. Day by day his pranks increased. Finally, she decided to tell everything to her husband. Before she could tell, her stepson was caught red-handed by her husband. He was ashamed of his son as well as for having married a girl who was of his son's age and spoiling her youth. He was regretting his decisions. Finally one day he told Paru to get ready in the evening as they were supposed to attend a party. 

As said, Paru was dressed and was ready to go out with her husband. They both left in the car. He himself drove the car. They reached the spot. When they dined, Devas had joined them. Paru was surprised and was shocked to see him there. After a routine conversation, Paru’s husband in a cool and calm tone told Devdas that he will get Paru married. At that, both Paru and Devdas were dumbstruck with widening their eyes. Soon Devdas came to senses and said ‘ Why! and who is the groom? ‘’

“ The groom is none other than dear Paru” thus he took Parus's right hand and kept it in Devdas’s hand.

Paru immediately withdrew her hands from Devdas and confusingly looked towards her husband. But Devdas was overjoyed and thanked Parus's husband.

But Paru shook her head denying. At that, her husband lovingly caressed her to his heart. As he thought of her as one of his daughters and consoled her by saying,

 “ My dear Paru, Love is great. Your virtue is also greater than love. I am old, very shortly my life will end. Who will protect you from vultures which cling around you? I have witnessed my son’s attitude towards you, who knows what will happen to you in the future. You are two young and have a long life’s journey to travel. To safeguard your life, I have decided to get you married to your beloved Devdas. If I would have selected someone else other than Devdas, there also you would not live in peace. As the shadows of your previous life will keep on hunting you. Anyhow Devdas’s wife has left him. By reuniting your love let me wash away my sins”

“But! What about Devdas’s family? when I was a maiden they did not accept me, now will they accept a woman who will be leaving her present husband ? “ said paru.

Paru s husband let her go from his grasp and said “ Don’t worry dear, anyhow I have to face a small war between both the families and even the society. But you people be brave and win your Love. But one thing I would like to say is, after your marriage, you both will have to leave this country and settle in some foreign country. What would you like to say about this? “

Devadas eagerly accepted it. But Paru was in confusion. For which her husband told ‘ I am there, I will protect you until you settle abroad “

“ That is Ok, but how will you convince Devdas’s Parents, “ asked Paru doubtfully

“ I will convince them. By now they have stepped down from their egoistic position. I wish to see both of you married formally “ thus saying he got up to leave the place. Both Paru and Devdas bowed at his feet. He blessed both of them to his heart’s content. Later they all returned with relief. As if a huge weight and burden had been lifted off of their head.

After two days, the matter was brought before both the families. In Paru’s family almost they had to face a war. But Paru’s husband paid a deaf ear to all and was cool and calm. Paru felt guilty, but the thought of her stepson reassured her confidence. Though in Devdas’s house they did not like the proposal, seeing Devdas happy and content they accepted the facts but denied the formal marriage and wished to get them married in a temple. Paru’s husband said that he would arrange for both kinds of the marriage ceremony at his own cost.

Finally, both the family members like an ash-covered fire within their hearts with some unrest in their heart and soul, the got Paru and Devdas married. At last, Paru kicked the rice pot into Devdas’s house and settled down in her life. Paru’s husband became a real God in their life.  

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