Zebra crossing

Zebra crossing

2 mins

Once upon a time there was a School in heavily trafficking Metro city, at the school gate 3 years old boy was waiting for his mom, his mom started her journey towards the school to pick up that boy and the distance from the school to her home is around half kilometre. On her way to school she saw an old lady trying to cross the road, there is heavy traffic, the old lady unable to cross the road, the mom decided to help her, but getting late to school her son is waiting at School gate, finally she started towards the old lady, suddenly a big truck was smashed a bike parked there. The old lady and the Mom were frightened and step back while crossing the road, simultaneously when they step back another bus was rushed very fastly, both of them are in shock, stood constantly on the road, at the same time the three years boy started walking towards home, he waited a lot for mom but mom is not coming so he started walking. To reach his home, he also has to cross the same road, now that boy stood other side of the road, he saw his mom but never ran to his mom, mom is in shock by seeing her son on the road, but the son was moving forward not listening to his mom, mom was shouting at her son, son took the hand of that old lady stepeed 10 foots and started crossing the road, mom is in shock and just observing her son, felt proud of her son, ashamed of her foolishness, because her son crossed road at zebra crossing and mom in the hurry of going to her son and want to help that old lady never thought, there is zebra crossing every day she used to cross the road with her son from there only.

So think before you do, Late but gives you better solution. 

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