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Abstract Romance

First Love

First Love

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Missing Someone is the feeling cannot express in words. 

First love, every person may come over this stage. Most of the first love started at the school level... 

My story Hero Ram a 30 years gentleman with a loving wife and pretty daughter, one day in the conversation with his friend Karan, Ram expressing his feelings about his first love with Meghana. The unforgettable days in his life, when she passes near from him heart speed will increase to 72+72, he is remembering that days that he is kept a love letter in her books, she showed it to principal, whole day he got punished. She got married in her college days only, with her Cousin, now she is with a beautiful daughter Aaradya. 

One day, fortunately, Meghana came to see Ram and to express her feelings, cause she also sent a letter to him in her last day of School(That Ram Don't know) unfortunately the letter not reached Ram and Meghana had to marry her Cousin. 

Ram: (In Shock) 

Meghana: Hello, Ram 

Ram.: Meghana, Do you remembered me and recognized me. 

Meghana: Why not only little beard more, remaining all same face. 

Ram: How is life with your husband and children

Meghana: All good and you, marraige, Love or arrange

Ram: Yes Love Marriage. 

Meghana: Do you ever recall our memories. 

Ram: The punishment, whole day kneel down in school ground. 

Meghana: Am sorry, Only regret full moment in my life, I need to sorry for that. 

Ram: it's ok it is past. What you remember about our school days. 

Meghana: Ice cream we ate secretly. 

Anything you want to tell. 

Ram: How much I loved that time am not expressed, Now it's not the time that I know but  I love you so much. 

Meghana: (silent) Don't know when we will meet again, next time when we will meet come with your wife and daughter. 

Both will disperse from there. 

Meghana: (In her Mind) Ram's only reason I want to meet you is to express my feelings that I am also loved so much, but in that age excitement about marriage and future committed to me to fix with my cousin. Today I am very happy I met you and you are still thinking of me, by seeing you in that mind I am unable to express my feelings. 

Ram(In his Mind): Meghana this many days whenever I recall your memories something painful inside the heart, today am happy because I met you because you are happy with your family. 

First Love is an unforgettable memory both were happy after meeting. 

Love never ends. 

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