An Imagination

An Imagination

3 mins

It was, 4.25 Am early in the Morning, suddenly something scared in my dream, I Woke Up. It was a blushy and scary image. I was trying to recall nothing in my mind. Again I was tried to sleep. Slowly am into sleep mode, again that story was started Continuing, where it was stopped, which was caused me to wake up. Now It was 6.00 Am in the morning I woke up again this time my alarm sound, which caused a break to the story or something running in the dream. I was tried to recall what was the story, what was the scary image, but I failed. Thereafter I forgot what was happened in my dream with my daily routine. 

Another day again I woke up middle of the night, but it was not scary, it was a pleasant moment, what was that, why I was happy, tried to recall, same again I was failed. This time I have dragged me into sleep cause it's a pleasure, I want to experience it fully. Fortunately, the story continued and am enjoyed the Moment, Woke up happily in the morning as usual with my alarm sound. 

That day am tried to recall both the nightmares and tried to compare the similarities, whether it's one story or different, what was common, what made me happy. Same again I was failed to recall and also I was tried whether it may be something that happened in my life or something going to happen in the future. That activities searching of dreams disturbed my daily routine, So I consulted a psychologist about the dreams. He said everything is normal if dreams are not remembered that's the good sign, forget about and do meditation to focus on a daily routine. 

Doctor's reply unknowingly not satisfied, it is not remembered 100%, maybe I was not thinking of it, but it was something messing daily in my mind. So I thought of reading books of dreams, nightmares, after reading plenty of books, I come to an idea of dreams, dreams are different for person to person, dreams maybe the past happened or future happens in life, dreams are creative imagination of my mind, dreams are the story of one or more materials that are appeared in a day or few days, dreams are not harmful, refreshes the mind, dreams are pushes, someone, to his goal. 

One day I was realized, in my daily routine there is no use of creativity, critical thinking, but it was developed in me by seeing so many movies, series of stories on YouTube, series of books that I read. With the stuff developed in my mind, mind creating imaginary stories. 

So I wanted to utilize the dreams for better development of my future, I started observing so much stuff in my daily life. All the stuff in my dream with the creative imagination turning into the story, some times humorous, romantic, action, scary or comedy. Whichever mostly not depends on what I saw daily. After so many stories and imagination running in my dream slowly I started to remember something in the story. With the line that I felt in the dream I was started writing stories, like that with the help of my dreams am written series hit stories, now am a Successful story writer. 

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