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Himansh is an upcoming director used to shoot short films, he is searching for a nice love story for his next shortfilm. He is not getting an idea, so he is asked his friends for known stories, real stories. One of his friends suggested to meet Vishwak, he is the true lover and still waiting for his love. Vishwak lives in a small village, So Himansh went to his village to meet him. Himansh reached the village railway station, now the time is 8.35 Am, at the railway station he saw a small hotel, Himansh ordered a tea, meanwhile, he started asking the vendor " do you know Vishwak " Vendor replied oh! "Vishwak", wait he will come here sharp at 9.00 Am. Himansh shocked and asked again how can you say that much surely, Vishwak will teach here sharp at 9.00 Am. The vendor replied am seeing him from the last 4 years, he will be here on time. Very few minutes left for 9.00 Am, so Himansh waited and finally at sharp 9.00 Am, Vishwak reached the railway station.

Tea vendor offered a tea to Vishwak and said for you someone came. Vishwak met Himansh and both are sat at platform bench. Himansh started asking Vishwak about his love story, firstly Vishwak denied but Himansh keeps on requesting, he started his story.

"Her name is Chaarwi, both we are met here, on this bench only. Chaarwi's parents are so strict, and in these modern days also she will not carry a mobile. That is why Chaarwi accepted my love after two years, that is with one condition, we promised each other will meet here only every morning. Chaarwi is not carrying phone but she used to call from her friend's phone, we went movies, shopping, park etc. One day Chaarwi came with a paper in her hand, the paper reveals that she is going United States of America for MS for two years. So Chaarwi promised me that she will come here after two years exactly, today is the day that is why am waiting here.

After listening all his story Himansh started back with tears in his eyes. Actually Chaarwi is the wife of Himansh, unfortunately Chaarwi had to marry Himansh, one day before coming to Vishwak, Chaarwi told her love story and same reflected here. Himansh came here to say, " Chaarwi will not come back, don't wait for her" But seeing true love in eyes of Vishwak, Himansh left him as it is because Vishwak has a great hope on his love and Chaarwi. Otherwise if he knows about the Chaarwi marriage, he thought she cheated on him and will become mad. Let Vishwak wait for his love.

True love never ends. 

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