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Mother the feeling cannot express in words, to visualize the love of a mother is beautifully narrated below.

There was a cute small family where a gentleman and his wife with a small girl aged 5 living in a small town. They were happy of their child; she increased the happiness in their family. That was child's first day to school; parents are so overwhelmed with her first day of school. She went to school and happily playing with her mates in the school, parents were happy and extremely proud by seeing her child grow.

Suddenly a phone call from her school to father, please come to the school immediately. He replied to school am in a meeting please inform her mother. Then, the school made a call to the mother and said the same Ma'am please come to the school immediately. The mother of the child thought that was the first day of her school, she may not habituate that is why not staying in school. Mother went to school and found that her daughter in an unconscious condition, immediately she made a call to the husband and informed him of the condition.

Unfortunately, it was the bad day to her parents, doctor after checkup told that she had a small hole in heart, and for the treatment, it requires 5 lacks rupees. Parents are in worried about the money and asking money from all the relatives and known persons, but parents not found money. One day family went to the market and there the parents lost their child, they searched all over the market but didn't see her, with sorrowful of mind they went home.

The child in the market seen Aravind (transgender) and called her MOM, first Aravind denied the girl to calling MOM but the child came and hugged the Aravind and called him MOM. Aravind took the child to his home and gave her good food. Aravind is very happy in spending time with the child, gradually the child became the part of their family. And the day came again the girl child fallen down, immediately Aravind took her to hospital and came to know the same problem to Aravind now.

Aravind worried about the money and he doesn't have a good income source also, So requested the doctor to find out the solution. Doctor suggested there is a rich family who is searching for a kidney, if you are donating the kidney to them, they will bear the amount to your Child. Aravind agreed for that and the treatment was successful and on the same day the girl child's own parents found her in hospital and they take her to their home. After that Aravind felt very sad and gradually his health is getting worse, he is totally in the memories of girl child and child also with her own parents but her mind is with Aravind and the child is very small can't go to Aravind alone. One day the girl child decided to run away from home to new MOM but seeing the situation of child that parents brought the Aravind to their home, Now all four ( Husband, Wife, Aravind and Girl child) living happily in the same home.

Mother is the only person can do anything for her child, not for the blood relation also for the who called her MOM

Salute to all MOM'S in the World

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