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Mahendrawada Kamesh

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The Day The State Split Asunder-2

The Day The State Split Asunder-2

14 mins

The next morning, he sat alone in his room, staring pensively at the wall clock with brooding eyes, contemplating the recurrent knock-backs in the interviews. He was unable to fathom over which segment in his performance tanked miserably in winning the trust of the interviewer. It was an unsettling conundrum for his mind, and the solution seemed inconclusive. 

He went and sat at his study table, opened his laptop, logged in to his email in the hope of receiving any confirmation appointment email from the companies. To his disappointment, unessential and unimportant promotional offers cluttered his mailbox. He picked up the notepad and a pen from his desk and started writing the list of all the companies he had attended so far. 

The situation was alarming as the number of interviews he had attended so far shot at thirty. The count drove him up the pole. At one point he grew apprehensive whether the number would soon pay the toll and reach the count of fifty.

It reached thirty. Looks like I need to include my previous interview experiences in my resume. Where did I go wrong? Was my performance really so absurd? He questioned himself.

'Karthik!' his mother alerted, stepping into his room. 'Rakesh uncle has come. He is asking about you.'

'I have some work Amma!' Karthik replied. 

'It won't be good. Come out,' she insisted.

It became obvious that his mother would not bring the conversation to a standstill until he got out of his room. He shut his laptop and walked into the hall. He doesn't like his uncle Rakesh who always brags about his son.

As he came and stood close to him, his uncle greeted him. 'Hi, Hero! How are you doing? You became so lean,' Rakesh said, scanning him from tip to toe.

'I think there's no change, I am maintaining the same,' Karthik returned. 

'So! It's already been a year since you have completed your B.Tech. I just came to know from you mother that you still didn't get a job. What are your next plans? Are you planning for any higher education?'

'No uncle. I am searching for a job.'

'I heard that a lot of companies visited your college last year. My son Rithwik grabbed a job on campus. Had you not wasted your time in those paper presentations and other meetings, you would've landed into a job by now and your parents might have got busy searching for a bride,' Rakesh added with a chuckle.

Karthik was just nodding his head as if he was listening to a lecture. He took no heed of his uncle's rodomontade. 

'And one more point!' his uncle continued, 'I told you a million times before that there's no use participating in these competitions. You were so adamant about-'

'Uncle!' Karthik interrupted as his patience exceeded the limits. 'At present, time is not in my favour, but when my time arrives, I will shine brighter than your son.' Saying that he went back into his room with his eyes flashing red. He then picked up one of his old resumes on the table and tore it into pieces. His mother walked into his room and looked at the pieces of paper scattered on the floor.

'Karthik! What are you doing? You are becoming worse day by day. Is it the way you talk to the elders? Your father has a good name. Please don't spoil it,' she reprimanded him in a mild flame, owing to his temper. 'Go and get a tea sachet and rice flour from the general store.'

'Amma! Again I need to pass through that bragster. Who is he to tell me I wasted my time? Do you know how difficult it is to win in those competitions? Even the nicest people have their limits.'

'Did the recruiters care about your accomplishments? You're becoming so obstinate day by day. Do nothing, just remain on this bed. Your father is anyway coming home now. I will ask him to bring,' his mother said in an irritating tone.

'Amma! Amma! Don't be angry. I will get it.' 

He picked up a carry bag and rushed out of his home, not caring to cast a look at his uncle. As he approached the general store on the other street, he ran into one of his neighbours Ramaiah, a practising advocate in the district court. 

'Karthik, how are you man?' asked Ramaiah.

'Fine uncle,' Karthik returned.

'So, what's next? How is your job searching case going on? How many petitions have you submitted so far? Did you get a hearing from anyone?'

Why do jobless people have no respect? This is truly an idiotic society. Let me give him a befitting reply this time so that he will never dare to ask me this question again.

'Uncle! For advocates like you, everything seems to be the case. In my opinion, I feel there's no use in working. I am planning to start a business. Nowadays there's an immense demand for this product and also, it is an important commodity in our economy. The beauty about this product is, we can smuggle it with little or no effort at all. You can even export it overseas easily,' said Karthik.

'Is it? What kind of business is that?'

'The world-famous Cotton business uncle, would you like to invest? If you are ready then let's make it a 50-50 deal.'

'What!' Ramaiah remarked, fussed with Karthik's condescension.

'Uncle, I am sorry for talking to you like this. I am still searching and as soon as I get an offer I will definitely inform you.'

'Karthik, now I understand why you have been jobless,' Ramaiah said in a displeasing tone and withdrew himself from the store.

Karthik then collected the provisions and reached his home. His father Murthy reached home early from his work and was discussing state politics with Rakesh. They had a conversation for fifteen minutes after which Rakesh handed over the invitation card and left. 

Murthy walked into Karthik's bedroom and he saw him lying asleep on the bed. 'Karthik, what happened? Are you not feeling good?' asked his father.

'Yes dad, I am fine. Just a bit upset about getting a job.'

'From now on, life doesn't get easier, you must become strong. Work hard, be positive and never give up. If I had thought the same when I encountered loss in business, what would our position be today? Every rejection is an opportunity to find something better.' 

'I will keep trying!' Karthik said, nodding his head.

'And what did you say to Ramaiah uncle?' This time his father asked with a frown on his face.

Karthik had a pang in his heart. The trouble was desperate. The conversation which he had with Ramaiah uncle at the general stores might have reached his father's ears.

'Is it the way you talk to elders?' his father continued.

'Dad, he keeps asking me the same question daily "What's next?" Those words came out impulsively.'

'It is the work of society to question you. But we should never strain the nerves on our tongue. And what business did you say that you are going to start?'

'Dad, I am sorry! Forget it! I will never talk like that again.'

'Tell me, what did you say?' his father pressed him for the answer.

'Cotton Business,' said Karthik.

'What is this cotton business? Are you interested in farming? If you are interested in farming, what is the need of studying engineering? We already have five acres of farmland in our hometown. You can grow a cotton plantation.'

'Dad, I am sorry. I already apologised to Ramaiah uncle. It is because as I walk on the road everyone stops by and keeps on asking what's next... what's next... It is only out of frustration that I talked to him like that.' 

'Remember, words once released cannot be taken back. Avoid using vitriolic language and you will keep your friends, family, and your dignity.'

'I will never repeat it again.'

'Come to the hall, your mother is preparing your favourite onion pakora,' saying that his father left. 

Precisely at that moment, his phone started ringing. He tapped on the answer icon.

'Hello, Am I speaking to Mr. Karthik Oleti?' a female voice spoke on the other side.

'Yes,' replied Karthik.

'Hello Karthik, this is Priya calling from Avianca Zentek Solutions, we are hiring for the position of Dotnet developer. In case you are interested, just check your email and acknowledge it accordingly. The interview will be on Monday.'

'Yes ma'am, I am interested.'

'Good! Just reply to the email which we emailed to your registered email id and walk into the address mentioned in the email. Have a great day!' The call got disconnected.

I still have three days of time to prepare. God, this time I should not let this opportunity slip from my hand.

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