Mahendrawada Kamesh

Drama Action Thriller


Mahendrawada Kamesh

Drama Action Thriller

The Day The State Split Asunder - 53

The Day The State Split Asunder - 53

15 mins

Suresh reached out to his friend who is a wizard at computers. He loaded software on a Pendrive which if loaded on a computer can give access to what the user is performing.  After he took the pen drive he reached Yadagir's address and knocked on his door.

Yadagiri opened the door and asked, 'Who are you?'

'Are you Yadagiri?'

'Yes but who are you?'

'I am a journalist!' replied Suresh.

'What work can a journalist have with me?'

'Can I come inside?'

'I came to know that Dr.MadhuSudhan did a lot of scams?'

'That's rubbish!'  

'I have all the information and don't act innocent.'

'Why did you come here and what do you want?'

'Now you are on the track. I will give you a litre of wine, rum, vodka or whatever you want. The expensive one. You just need to do one simple thing.'

'What's that?'

'You should take me into MadhuSudhan's cabin.'

'I can do that! But I need the bottle before that.'

'I will do it. In case you tell this to anyone. Along with your boss I will include your name also in the scam.'

'I don't need anything except the liquor. I will do whatever you want.'

'I will come to the office tomorrow. Come early. My work just takes ten minutes.'


The next day Suresh reached the Mental Institute. Yadagiri allowed him into Dr. Madhusudhan's cabin. He turned on the computer and inserted the pendrive into the usb portal. The installation was successful and now every click will be monitored.

Suresh then planted a small microphone beneath the seat which can even detect the slightest whisper anyone makes in ten metres. Now everything has been set. He paid two thousand rupees to Yadagiri for helping him and also promised to get him a Black Dog Scotch.

Dr.MadhuSudhan came into his office at 11:30 AM in the morning. As soon as he came he logged into his system and opened his email. There were more than fifty emails from various doctors with a prescription attached. He then launched an excel document and made two fields one containing the name and another the amount to be reimbursed.

What he didn't know was that Suresh was watching his every action. Suresh was recording his screen and was taking the snapshots. He then opened his bank account and was surprised to see five crore rupees in his bank account. At 12:30 PM a contractor came to Dr. MadhuSudhan's room. Both started discussing the new building flooring contract.

'How many tiles do we need?' Dr.MadhuSudhan asked.

'I presume around 8000-10000. Price of each tile is one hundred rupees.'

'What! We already agreed that it's just eighty rupees?'

'I am also including the commission amount.'

'Good! I can't say how much I risked to get a contract for you.'

'Thank you sir! I was able to earn a lot because of you.'

'Let's go to the building. Tomorrow the inspection team will be coming!' And they made a move out of the room. 

'So this MadhuSudhan is indeed a big scammer!' Suresh thought and he started going through the screenshots.

Suresh captured all his activities remotely through his spy tools and at last he was able to trace the kingpin behind this. 

'So he is the kingpin! This will be a big sensation in the state,' He said to himself.

The same night he got a call on his mobile. It was from Vineetha.

'Hi Vineetha!' Suresh said.

'Are you at home?' Vineetha asked.

'Yes. I am at home.'

'Then come down immediately. I am exactly out of your apartment gate.'


'I said just come down.'


Suresh raced down the stairs and reached the gate. Vineetha was seated on her scooty.

'Vineetha! You are here at this time. See it won't be good. If anyone watches us it won't be good for both of us.'

'I don't give a damn about what others think. What have you been doing for a month? You are not coming to the office. Not lifting my calls. The manager is very angry at you. Are you trying to cheat me? In case you try to cheat me. I will kill you.'

'Speak slowly! I swear in the name of the lord. I am not cheating on you.'

'Then why aren't you picking up my calls?'

'I was busy with some other work.'

'What kind of work is it?'

'See I am working on a secret operation. Once I find the kingpin behind it, it will be a big turning point for our news channel.'

'What kind of a secret operation is that?'

'Well, please don't share this with anyone,' he reduced the decibels in his voice. 'Many of the doctors in our state have an agreement with the big pharma companies. They prescribe medicines that indeed are not at all required just for the sake of getting a commission and you know what, the Erragadda Mental Institute superintendent is behind this. But the kingpin is someone. I will forward you those screenshots. I need your help as well.'

'I am so sorry. I really felt bad about you. You could have said it to me before. What's the need of hiding?'    

'I thought of telling you once after I get all the evidence.'

'Who is that kingpin?'

'He is none other than Rajath. The vice-president of Magellanic Pharma.'


'Yes. It is true and do not share this with anyone. I am still collecting the evidence. I already transferred some files into your email. Just keep them with you. Had you seen your email before coming to meet me you would have got an idea. You simply created an imagination that I am cheating you. Why will I cheat you? I love you so much.'

'Please don't feel bad. I was really very worried about you. Because I too love you a lot.'

'Just give me a few more days. I will sort out everything. I will come and meet your father. This time he will have no reason to reject me.'

'What reason do you have?'

'Just wait and see and please don't be here for a long time. It's already 10:30 in the night.'

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