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Mahendrawada Kamesh

Drama Romance Action


Mahendrawada Kamesh

Drama Romance Action

The Day The State Split Asunder - 55

The Day The State Split Asunder - 55

9 mins 226 9 mins 226

'Why Arjun hasn't come so far? He told me that he will come and meet me in the evening,' said Swamiji, sipping the hot tea gratefully seated on his old wooden chair in the hall. It was his fifth glass in two hours after having his dinner. 

'There's no milk left,' Swamiji's servant Raju said.

'You should have brought more!' Swamiji got cranky.

'Uncle, please don't shout at Raju. It's already 10:30 now. You have consumed five cups of tea already. It is not water to drink as much as you want. It's better you go to sleep. I think Arjun might have completed his duty and returned home,' Karthik said.

Swamiji later informed Raju to go and take rest. After Raju left, he said to Karthik: 'Karthik, a policeman doesn't have any fixed timings. They are always on duty twenty-four hours and three-sixty-five days. Once Rajath is sent behind the bars, we will lift the curtain of climax and also tomorrow we will be showing to the world the true shades of Dhyaneshwar. The episode is ready.'

'Will the episode be telecasted only on HBN-7 Channel?'

'Radha said he will manage to get it broadcasted on other news channels as well, and day after tomorrow the local residents will be protesting in front of the company for creating the pollution and the Telangana state joint action committee will also join hands along with them.'

'So we are taking the advantage of this Andhra and Telangana dispute. You should have a politician uncle.' 

'Once that video is on air, the public relations team will make sure to get it viral on all social media platforms and everyone in this state will get to know about him. So far everything has been good,' Swamiji took the last sip of his tea and placed it on the table. 'Even though Dr.MadhuSudhan has escaped custody we still managed to keep the momentum going. Let's hope there won't be any complications this time. If once the police can confirm that Dhyaneshwar's company has conducted the clinical trials, then nobody can protect Dhyaneshwar and Rajath.' 

'Don't you think Dhyaneshwar's involvement in missing of Dr.MadhuSudhan? Because it's clear that MadhuSudhan has received money from Rajath.'

'Dr.MadhuSudhan might have helped Rajath and his firm in performing the clinical trials. This is still a hypothetical case and facts need to be excavated. This time let's not get our hands dirty.'

'Then who is going to make his hands dirty for us?'

'Hello!' came a rough voice along with a hard bang on the main door.

Karthik and Swamiji turned their faces towards the door. In the dim lighting outside they couldn't see the person's face properly except the Khaki dress and the brown leather belt with a big buckle. 

'Arjun!' Swamiji stood up. 'I thought you wouldn't be coming. Please come in and take your seat.'

Karthik felt a cold chill looking at Arjun in his Khaki uniform. 

'What happened young man you look so frightened? What have you done?' Arjun asked, looking at Karthik's fearsome face.

'Nothing sir, you look so intimidating in this uniform. Last time when you came to meet us you were dressed in civilian clothing,' Karthik replied with a slightly frightened smile. 

'Would you like to have some tea?' Swamiji asked Arjun.

'I don't want anything. Without wasting my time can you let me know why you wanted to meet me?' Arjun drove his message home.

'Sir, I have information which may help you in catching the murderer of Suresh,' Swamiji said.

'What is that?' Arjun demanded, raising his brows.

Swamiji gave him the documents containing the case study reports. Karthik meanwhile opened his laptop, launched the images and gave it to Arjun.

'Sir, I think all these documents were collected by Suresh,' Swamiji added.

'Well, so you have one more piece of evidence. May I know why you felt like giving it today? Last time when I met you, you told me you didn't have any evidence. How come did you get this one? I am getting new doubts on both of you. I think you both might have killed Suresh and are trying to manipulate the evidence in such a way that it ends up pointing towards Rajath,' Arjun asked, his eyes scanning the images on the laptop.

'Inspector! What are you talking about? How can you say that we killed Suresh and why will we do that?' Karthik uttered displeased with Arjun's allegation.

'Karthik, keep quiet. I will talk to him. Suspecting is their job and it is our responsibility to assist them,' Swamiji said to Karthik and later turning his face towards Arjun, he spoke: 'Sir, why will we kill Suresh? And if suppose we have killed him why will we dare to remain here in this city and meet you? Do you have any evidence to support your allegation? If you have, then please do arrest me.'

'You are having an enmity with Dhyaneshwar and you want to take revenge on him because you believe Dhyaneshwar has killed your friend Raghavendra,' blurted Arjun.

'Absolutely! It is he who killed Raghavendra.'

'Well, just because you believe the law will not accept it. Law believes only in proof and witness accounts. Do you have any proof that Raghavendra was killed by Dhyaneshwar?'

'Well sir, if you want the witness account, we have one,' Karthik took out his mobile and played the video statement of Dr.Kiran.

Arjun listened to the entire statement of Dr.Kiran intently. 

'So Dr.Kiran has confessed after these many years? Why did he remain silent for these many years?' Arjun asked, his eyes clearly reflecting lack of belief. 

'Sir, truth cannot be hidden forever. Time has its own way and methods of bringing it up. Long ago when I met Dr.Kiran he was active and healthy and was leading a happy and comfortable life. He refused to support me. Three years ago his wife passed away and both of his son's are living abroad and they are so busy that they don't have time to take care of him. Despite having a big house he is now living in an old age home. When an individual becomes lonely, then they will have ample of time to contemplate with the memories. It is then the picture starts unfolding and they will realize the age-old indisputable and eternal verity that every immoral act will one day wallop them. Same was the case with Dr.Kiran.'

'Swami sir, I must say, you should have become a police officer instead of a journalist. Anyways, I am not concerned with the death of Akella Raghavendra. One thing is still obscure to me. How did you get to know that it is Suresh who has collected all these reports?'

'Sir, this is Suresh's first sting operation. Right from the day he saw Dr.MadhuSudhan and Rajath together at the Mental Institute, he has been tracking their movements and collected all these evidences. And also before his death he found something about Rajath and Dhyaneshwar. These may be only a few, there could be still many which need to be discovered.'

'You still didn't answer my question. I asked where did you get these reports from?' Arjun repeated.

'Sir, I will tell you,' Karthik interfered and briefed Arjun everything about how Rajath's wife Akshara helped him.

'Also I already enquired the Drug Control Board, and they told me like there's no drug with the name "depressovac",' Swamiji said.

'So, Akshara saw Rajath placing a laptop and documents in the closet? And did she say that it was on December 1st?' Arjun asked, glancing from Swamiji to Karthik.

'Yes sir! And she also said he looked extremely tense from that day onwards and I request you not to take Aksharas name. She might face problems from her family,' Karthik said.

'These Shareholders agreement papers dating back to the year 1996 actually were with Raghavendra at that time. It's clear that the original documents and affidavits are still with Dhyaneshwar,' Swamij said. 

Arjun couldn't speak anything except nodding his head. He was surprised with the narrations of both Karthik and Swamiji's. 

'Thanks for helping us and don't leave Hyderabad unless we catch the real culprits. Is it clear?'

'Sir, we are always ready to assist and support you in your investigation. You can always come back here in case if you need anything from us,' Swamiji gave his commitment.

'Thanks!' Arjun said and he walked out, holding the papers in his hand. 

'Suresh was murdered between 12 to 01:00 AM. It means he might have confiscated it from Suresh's home. If my guess is good then undoubtedly Rajath is the murderer. I have to take the search warrant and comb his entire house tomorrow,' Arjun thought while descending down the stairs.

'Go and have a nice sleep. Our efforts will soon be paid off,' Swamiji pronounced with immense contentment in his voice.

'How can I get a nice sleep?' Karthik looked at him with a sombre expression. 'I haven't been in contact with Sanjana for many days. I can't say how much I suffered inside to stop myself from calling and meeting her. I am literally having sleepless nights all these days.'

'Two more days and you can have all the time in the world. You can spend it as much as you want with her.'

'Hope so.'

'Don't think too much. Go and take rest. Once we are out of this risky adventure, everything will be fine.'

'According to you, what can be the biggest risk that a man can ever take apart from falling in love?'

'How can falling in love be a risk?'

'Love, it's a beautiful risk; a worthy risk. It's a complex and messy and filling and incredibly wonderful risk that we willingly take when we find someone whose heartbeat matches our own.'

'What is love? Love is nothing but trusting. When you first met me and I told you about the story of Sanjana's father, did you believe me?'

'I did.'

'But why?'

'Why means! Because I believed you.'

'That belief is nothing but the 'trust'. We can love someone because we once trusted him or her, but as soon as that trust is destroyed, that initial love that was built on trust, isn't enough. So, if there's any risk that man can ever take, it is trusting someone.'

'My good friend Adarsh once told me that 'trust is the beginning of everything'. I never thought that it had such a deep meaning.'

'What if every human on this planet is clothed in kindness, compassion, humility, patience and gentleness. What a different world this would be, for all to see.'

'Instead our hearts have become cold, so very cold, and with that comes a root of bitterness.'

'My friend Raghavendra made a serious mistake in trusting Dhyaneshwar blindly. By the time he realized, everything was grounded. The world in which we are living right now is full of fake people. Karthik always remember one golden point in life. Never trust those people whose feelings change with time. Trust those people whose feelings remain the same even when the time changes,' Swamiji yawned. 'It's already 12 now. Let's go to sleep. Let's see what we can get to witness when the day breaks.'

Swamiji walked into his bedroom. Karthik glanced at the time on the clock. The two hands positioned one above the other under digit twelve.

'Sanjana, it's only 24 hours for your birthday. I can't say how eagerly I am waiting for that day,' Karthik couldn't stop himself from getting excited. After all it was his angel Sanjana's birthday.

To be continued...

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