Mahendrawada Kamesh

Drama Romance Action


Mahendrawada Kamesh

Drama Romance Action

The Day The State Split Asunder - 55

The Day The State Split Asunder - 55

9 mins

Karthik and Vineetha reached the office of Rajesh Thakur.

'Good morning Sir,' Karthik and Vineetha greeted Thakur as soon as they stepped in. 

'Good morning and advanced good afternoon! Please be seated!' Thakur said to both while sorting the files on his desk. 

Karthik and Vineetha took their seats. 

'How can I help you?' Thakur asked.

'Sir, we have some proof against APIMS director Dr. MadhuSudhan. He received a sum of five crore rupees from the vice chairman of Magellanic Pharma, Rajath,' She handed over the file containing the images of screenshots and the CD drives which Suresh gave her. 'We thought it wise to bring this to your notice as this evidence does not prove that MadhuSudhan might have killed Suresh or Rajath.'

Thakur sighed and started going through the evidence.

'We are leaving now. In case you need anything, please feel free to reach us,' Vineetha said.

'Thank you!' Sabharwal replied.

Vineetha and Karthik walked out of the room. 

'Seems like he is lazy! He didn't even respond properly.'

'Hey no! He is a bit laconic. He has an excellent track record in the department.'

'I am not confident.'

'Don't come to a conclusion soon. Let's go!'

'Finally one task is done for the day?' Karthik sighed.

'One more is still pending,' Sahasra replied.

'What is that another task?'

'Proposing Sanjana.'

'Yesterday I spent the entire night writing this letter. But I don't know how she will react.'

'You just need to write whatever comes into your heart. Just give her the letter, give her some time and everything will be fine. Even Suresh proposed to me in the same way.'

'Did he too give you a letter?'

'Yes. And it took me ten days to give him a reply. But our relationship didn't last for more than six months.'

'I am sorry again!'

'Forget this! Take her to a nice restaurant. Have some heartfelt discussion and then before leaving just give her the love letter. Don't keep roaming in front of her. You said her birthday falls somewhere around January first week right?'

'Yes on January 10th.'

'It is just twelve days away. Give her the gift which she will remember for a lifetime. Something that is close to her heart.'

'Her father's birthday also falls on the same day. I already decided what gift I need to give.'

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