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Mahendrawada Kamesh

Drama Action Crime


Mahendrawada Kamesh

Drama Action Crime

The Day The State Split Asunder - 52

The Day The State Split Asunder - 52

11 mins 254 11 mins 254

The Hyderabad Institute of Mental Sciences was one of the oldest health institutions established by the Nizams reign in Hyderabad State. It serves mental health patients from all over the state.

    Most recently the state government has allocated five crore rupees for setting up the infrastructure which will ensure a major uplift for the existing building apart from adding a new 150-bed block specially meant for the court and criminal cases. The health minister laid the foundation a year ago and the works are still moving at a snail's pace.

    Suresh has reached the institute and straight away plunged into action. He walked into the block where the five patients have reported a few ailments. He then approached one of the paramedics and first enquired about the problems that they are facing and also the problems that they are facing.

    'The government is paying us a very low salary. The patients sometimes throw stones at us. Last week one of our paramedics had ten stitches on his head. So far nobody has cared about our problems and we are glad that at least one news channel has come forward to showcase our problems.'

    'Don't worry, I have come here to make a special report on the problems that you people are facing. I will also interview Dr.MadhuSudhan later and on behalf of all of you, I will submit all the grievances. You people definitely deserve good pay.'

    'There's no use of saying this to him, sir. Our union has appealed to him many times. But there's no use.'

    'If not to Dr.MadhuSudhan we will take this to the government. And also would you like to join me for tea? Not here but outside. Just only for ten minutes.'

    'Sure sir.'

    Suresh and Ranga reached a small cafe outside of the hospital. Suresh first asked Ranga about his personal information and slowly broached the topic.

    'Ranga, I heard that last month five patients from the B-block were admitted to the hospital after they complained of severe pains?'

    'Yes sir. It's really shocking. I looked after one of the patients among them.'

    'Can you exactly tell me what has happened?'

    'I don't know exactly.'

    'Did anyone come to meet them apart from their family members?'

    'The doctors from other countries came and visited the B-block. Dr. MadhuSudhan was also with them. A week after their visit they faced this severe problem.'    

    'Who are those foreign nationals?'

    'I really don't know sir. And why are you asking me all these things?'

    'Nothing. Just casually. And by the way what kind of a person is Dr. MadhuSudhan. I heard that he did a lot of scams in this hospital?'

    'Yes sir. That's true. Last year the government allocated an amount for the construction of a new building. MadhuSudhan made sure that his brother-in-law got the tender for the construction of the new block. This is just one. Every month the government will be releasing funds for the medicines and other miscellaneous things. The patients are not even served good food. There's a scam in every step if I just keep talking. His personal attendant himself earned a lot.'

    'Who is his personal attendant?'

    'His name is Yadagiri and he is a very selfish person.' 

    'Do you know where he stays?'

    'He stays nearby only. Just cross the road on the other side and take the first left and second right.'    

    'Ok!' Suresh took out a five hundred rupee note from his pocket and gave it to Ranga.

'Thank you so much sir! 'Ranga was as pleased as a punch looking at the five hundred rupee note.

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